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Projecting Auto Repair Costs

03 Mar 2012 | : Advice

All vehicles will eventually face auto repairs as the parts become old and worn out. This is why many car owners find it more practical to sell their old cars occasionally to buy new vehicles. It is not, however, an option available for every car owner. Each time the old car needs to go through another repair, the auto repair costs will always be the biggest question.

Cars and its parts cannot last forever even with the best care; these break, fail to function or wear out sooner or later. Batteries, tires, starters, belts and hoses, alternators, brakes and pads, filters, and mufflers are the first car parts that are warranted to go first. Repairs are inevitable and with it are costs. The only questions are when and how much. There are several elements that may influence the auto repair costs.

1. The extent of repair and the parts to be replaced partially greatly influence the cost. Bigger and expanded damages as well as damages to expensive parts naturally cost more in repair.

2. The more recent models are also more costly to repair. More expensive or luxury imported brands cost more to repair. Such demands expertise and the parts are more expensive.

3. The unavailability of parts for the vehicle can also make the cost higher. When special arrangements need to be done to get hold of those hard to find parts, the prices are usually higher too.

4. The cost is also significantly influenced by the motor shop where the vehicle is to be repaired. Generally, designated dealership service providers are more expensive because of the their updated facility and training in comparison to independent small auto repair shops or if one is doing the fixing of the car.

5. One major factor that affects the costs of labor and services are the prevailing rates of labor near the shop. The rates of labor are lower in areas away from the metropolis and higher in cities.

One thing that car owners fail to realize is that prices can be negotiated especially when one is a regular client or if one is dealing with a small shop. This implies that auto repair costs are not fixed. Having auto repair estimates help one get down to the nitty-gritty of making plans, decisions and preparing the final amount for the repair.

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