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Experience the Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera

30 Mar 2012 | : Shopping

Toddlers love to take pictures probably because the whole process fascinates them. Taking pictures lets the kids enjoy a new hobby which most of the time he or she only see adults do. It’s good to help our kids explore like this and who knows maybe discover his passion for photography. The problem lies in the fact that we can’t just hand the kid our expensive camera and give the poor machine a death sentence. Lucky for us there are available toy cameras today like the Vtech Kidizoom digital camera. This camera is one of the amazing toddler toys which allow your kid to enjoy photography and you’d be surprise how powerful this machine is for a toy camera.

Specs and Features

The toy camera is built to withstand the demands of a toddler. It can take a fair amount of shock from falls and tumbles. The design features an optimal grip for young hands and it’s quite comfortable. It weighs roughly 380 grams and has a dimension of 140 x 93 x 58mm around the widest parts. Yes it’s not that handy but remember, this is a kid’s toy and the designs are appropriate just for that reason.

Aside from having a viewfinder, the camera also has an LCD screen for live view options. They can also review the pictures they have taken and play built in mini games as an added feature. Camera operation is quite simple, the camera turns on and off at the push of a button. Once turned on its automatically ready to shoot with the shutter button placed conveniently on the upper right area of the toy just like that of a standard camera.

The camera can up the size of its image up to 2 megapixels with the given software but its actual sensors are only 0.3 megapixels on a resolution of 640 x 480. Well it’s not a very powerful camera but this is built for kids and it takes decent enough pictures for them to enjoy. It has a built in flash for those darker shots but it’s not that bright and tales time to recharge. It also features a video capture mode which is as expected in the low quality at best.

What it lacks in power though it makes up in memory with its internal storage capacity of 16mb and an optional SD slot for another 2 GB of memory. This may not be a powerful camera but its definitely a fun toy for your kid.

How to Choose the Correct Extractor Fan for your Indoor Garden

26 Mar 2012 | : Advice, Indoors

Many gardeners are now growing plants indoors rather than outside as this gives them greater control over the environment the plant grows in and means they can be grown throughout the year, even during cold seasons.

One such method of growing plants indoors involves the use of a hydroponic solution rather than soil to feed the plant important nutrients and minerals it needs for growth. Growing plants within a hydroponic solution is called hydroponics and it has a number of added benefits to growing plants in soil. Firstly the plant is not afflicted with the soil borne diseases and pests that affect garden plants. Secondly growing plants in a hydroponic solution enables you to precisely control what nutrients the plant receives and when.

However there are a number of challenges to overcome if you wish to grow plants indoors. Whenever you move the plant indoors, such as in a house you have to artificially create the conditions the plant would normally require in its natural environment. This includes a correct supply of nutrients, light, heat, carbon dioxide and humidity. If anyone of these factors is incorrect the health of the plant is jeopardized and the plant can die.

When growing indoors it makes sense to keep the plants contained within a grow room or grow tent. This confined environment enables you to more easily control the environment. Adequate lighting is required and this often involves the use of a high intensity halide lights that are powerful enough to facilitate photosynthesis. Another important factor is humidity and carbon dioxide levels. The best way of controlling the humidity within a grow room is to use a hydroponic extractor fan to remove stale air from inside the grow room and draw fresh air into the grow room. Carbon dioxide is essential to plants so that they can photosynthesize and a replenishment of the air ensures that carbon dioxide levels remain as they would outside. Humidity levels that are too high can cause disease and rot. A hydroponic fan makes it possible to remove excess humidity from a grow room so that ideal conditions can be met.

Fan designs vary and some are more powerful than others. Often the power of the fan is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute and is the volume of air that can be extracted every minute.

To ensure you have the correct fan for your grow area simply divide the volume of the grow area by 3 to obtain the correct CFM. Than buy a hydroponic fan with a corresponding CFM.

Do You Need an Instant Online Payday Loan?

26 Mar 2012 | : Finance

In today’s modern and advanced economy, there are now more ways than ever for consumers to acquire financing, loans, and lines of credit. Nearly every major purchase can be made on credit today, from tuition and fees at the local university to a brand new vehicle! When consumers have financing more available to them, they are more likely to make large purchases, which helps to generate an influx of cash into the economy. This method of stimulating economic growth by lowering lending standards is often called “Reaganomics,” as it was pioneered by President Ronald Reagan during his presidency. The increased availability of different types of lending also allows consumers to make purchases without upsetting their savings accounts.

This means that consumers are more likely to have a certain amount of money saved up in case of emergency, as they would not need to distribute these funds when making a purchase on credit. However, the more lines of credit that consumers take out, the more important it is for the consumers to maintain a steady job. Without a steady income, they may be forced to miss several of their debt payments. However, with an instant online payday loan, consumers can temporarily increase their cash holdings in order to remain current on their regular debt payments. The instant online payday loan is a type of financing that is often called a cash advance. An advance, in the financial sector, refers to a line of credit that is issued to a consumer who is expected to receive a similar income in a short period of time.

For instance, if the consumer is generally issued a monthly paycheck of $5,000 from his or her employer, the payday loan lender will approve the consumer for a cash advance of $5,000. In essence, the instant online payday loan is a way of allowing a consumer to receive his or her paycheck earlier than expected! When a consumer is balancing several debt burdens, it is often necessary for him or her to rearrange their personal finances in order to make sure that each payment is made on time. This is because if the consumer makes their debt payments late, the lending institutions or credit card companies will charge extremely high fees to his or her account! The consumer can avoid these extra charges and possibly an increase in their interest rates by taking out a cash advance from a local payday loan lender. Because consumers today are often extremely busy balancing their personal lives with their professional employment, it is often more convenient for them to apply for financing, pay their bills, and shop for products and services on the internet.

This is why today’s payday loan lenders are offering to issue different forms of financing online, such as the instant online payday loan. In order to apply for the instant payday loan, the consumer will need to upload a copy of one of his or her pay stubs. The pay stub is the section of the consumer’s paycheck that details how much the consumer is receiving as compensation from their employer. This document will help the payday loan lender understand how much the consumer will be able to pay back once their regular paycheck is received. Because the payday loan lender does not require a stringent screening process when evaluating consumers for an online payday loan, the consequences for paying back this debt after its set due date will be extremely high. The short term loan period will also affect the interest rates charged by the payday loan lender, so the consumer should be prepared to pay back their total debt as soon as he or she receives a regular paycheck.

Installation Steps for Your Sump Pump

26 Mar 2012 | : Advice, Indoors

Has your basement ever flooded because of the high water table that is present in your area? Perhaps you built your own home and neglected to consider a sump pump installation. Maybe your home is quite a bit older and sump pumps were not invented yet. Whatever the case, this modern convenience might be the difference between your home flooding or staying fresh and dry all year long.

If you need to install one of these devices, here are some general steps to follow to accomplish this do-it-yourself task.

  • Pick a room in your basement that is the least used. Perhaps your utility room where the furnace and water heater are located.
  • Cut out a section of concrete in the floor. Dig out the area below the concrete wide enough to hold a large corrosion resistant barrel. Plumb in a drain pipe connected to your home’s main sewer system. Install electrical service to the new sump pit.
  • Place the barrel in the hole with seep holes drilled in the upper portion of the barrel. Run the drain pipe into the barrel. Line the outside of the barrel with small wire mesh. Place gravel around the outside of the barrel.
  • Perform the sump pump installation in the barrel and hook up the drain and electrical service to the new pump.
  • Test the system and make sure it works correctly.
  • Create a platform above the new sump pit barrel and complete the project by pouring premixed cement around the top of the pit and smoothing it flush with your existing floor.

This project should only be done by experienced and confident do-it-yourselfers. Remember to follow all local building codes and have your work checked by a licensed contractor and your local building inspector when it is completed. If you are not confident in performing this project, contact your local plumbing professional for a complete estimate and installation.

How Truck Tire Pressure Sensors Improve Safety

22 Mar 2012 | : Advice

Under-inflated tires on a vehicle can result in lower tread life, higher fuel costs and poorer vehicle maneuverability. Worse still an underinflated tire increases pressure on the tires due to increased friction and heat. This can eventually lead to a blowout resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and a potential accident. Tire blowouts on trucks laden with heavy goods can be particularly dangerous and can result in serious injury and death.

Tire blowouts usually occur because the driver is unaware of an incorrectly inflated tire. The driver neglects the tire until it is too late and a blowout occurs. Thankfully since the advent of tire pressure monitoring systems this can be avoided. A tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS involves placing a car or truck tire pressure sensor inside the wheels of the vehicle. The sensor can measure the pressure of the tires in real-time as it is being driven and feed data to a monitor on the dashboard. The driver can then be alerted should the tire fall below the recommended value.

Since 2007 it has become mandatory for all new vehicles less than 10,000 pounds to have a tire pressure monitoring system already installed on both trucks and cars. While this should reduce blowouts problems have resulted when the device requires resetting. Resetting a tire pressure monitoring system becomes necessary whenever a tire needs servicing or the batteries within the sensor run out. Resetting the device is necessary so the TPMS can re-learn where all the sensors are positioned. This can be a particularly problem with trucks that have many tires. Many different tools and procedures are required for different TPMS devices and this has caused a lot of confusion amongst consumers.

Thankfully TPMS devices have become more sophisticated and user friendly. Some devices are called indirect tire pressure monitoring systems as they do not involve placing a sensor directly within a tire. These TPMS devices can detect changes in pressure using the speed sensors of ABS/ESC systems. While these systems are less accurate they do have some advantages. In that don’t require such complicated reset procedures. Also Car and truck tire pressure sensors have longer battery lives making removal of a sensor within a tire less of a problem.

Tire pressure systems have come a long way since measuring your tires using a tire pressure gauge was the norm. However tire pressure systems still have some way to go in becoming more user-friendly and less of a hassle when replacing tires.

7 Mobile Applications to Improve Your Credit Score

21 Mar 2012 | : Advice, Finance

If you think you can maintain a good credit score without any efforts, you are mistaken; it requires serious focus and determination. Your credit score is considered for enrolling in a college, getting a job and many things alike and so you need to work hard to keep it looking good. Timely payment of bills and less or no debt are some of the things among others which are important to keep your credit score positive. This requires personal efforts and probably a little external help, so here are some of the mobile phone applications which are programmed to assist you to improve your credit score:

  • myFICO: This application is designed and made to work on apple products like the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. myFICO asks 10 questions to correctly determine your credit score. It is a free application though for the same work FICO charges about $20. You can download this application for free and usually has a high percentage of accuracy. Some of the questions asked are: ‘How old is your loan?’, ‘When was the last payment missed?’ and ‘How many credit cards do you use?’ and others to assess your FICO score. And finally a score is calculated for you to exlaim, “Here’s my FICO score, for free!”
  • Equifax Mobile: This application has a dual benefit. It tells you how your credit score is and also safeguards your identity. Using your GPS location, it analysis the rate of credit fraud in your area. If the results are high, you should be probably using your cards cautiously. It also tells you how your credit score stands as compared to others in your locality. This application can be downloaded for free as well and is compatible on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android users
  • Debt Reduction Calculate: By using this application, you can improve your credit score multifold. Since the credit score is directly proportional to the amount of debt; the lesser the better. This application helps to calculate how you can save money by just paying an extra than the minimum on credit cards and also gives you monetary tips to repay your debt as soon as possible. You will see a noticeable improvement in your credit score after using this application! You can download this application on your iPad, iTouch or even an iPhone!
  • Pageonce Personal Finance: This simple app has a great result on your credit score. If you are of the forgetful kind, this app is the best for you. With alerts and reminders, you cannot forget to pay your dues on time! It monitors your financial transactions and assists you with paying the bills on time. You can use this application on all apple products as well as android phones.
  • BillTracker: Another application which will never fail to remind you about paying your bills. Since a good credit score is determined by how well you pay your dues on time, this app corrects any default in this process. From your insurance premium to mortgage bills, this app can track your payment history and manage your bills. You can get BillTracker on your iPhone, iTouch and iPad for an optimum charge.
  • Pay Off Debt: With this application, keeping a check on your debt becomes easy. This app sees to it that the debt does not pile after a certain limit. It helps you to pay your debt in an organized manner. Starting with the lowest valued debt, it motivates you to slowly make all your debt vanish!
  • Mobile App: You will be able to receive timely reminders and tips on how to effectively improve your credit score over the time. These expert tips help you manage as well as correct negative credit score and gives it a major boost! Download this application free of cost on your apple products now!

Belfast Has A Lot To Offer

21 Mar 2012 | : Travel

If you happen to be in Ireland, you should definitely consider traveling in Belfast. It is the capital of Northern Ireland and is famous for the warmth and friendliness of the locals. As a matter of fact, the people of Belfast are known for their characteristics of being hospitable which made tourists feel at ease during their stay in the city. Aside from the great people, the city also has a rich cultural heritage as well as a lot of great tourist spots that visitors can really enjoy.

During the day, you can get to know the city better by visiting some of the major attractions that it offers. Be amazed with the Georgian, Victoria, and Edwardian architecture when you visit the Belfast City Hall, The Grand Opera House, Queen’s University, and of course, Belfast Castle. It is a great opportunity to feel the city’s heritage and somehow have an idea about their local culture.

Of course, a tour to a foreign land will not be complete without knowing at least a little about the history. It is a good thing that the city of Belfast has local museums showcasing a bit of the city’s history, industrial heritage and other milestones over the years. Aside from the museums, the city is also packed with interesting places such as The Titanic’s Dock and Pumphouse, Belfast Zoo, and the W5 Interactive Science Center. These places are recommended especially for families who want to have quality and enjoyable time together with the kids.

Nature lovers would also have a great time traveling in Belfast because the city is surrounded by mountains and is abundant with parkland, forest parks, and gardens where families and friends can just take a stroll or relax while having a picnic.

After you are done with the day tour, Belfast also offers a lot of activities that can be done at night. If you love dancing and would like to keep your feet moving, you can go to the finest night clubs that Belfast has to offer. However, if you just want to chill and relax after a tiring day, you can also enjoy a drink or two after a meal in one of the smart and stylish bars which are also abundant in the city.

No matter what activities you have in mind, Belfast has a lot to offer. So make sure that when you plan your next trip, Belfast is on top of your list.

Be sure to book a hotel in Belfast room and enjoy your trip!

Increase Brand Awareness With Folding Marquees

21 Mar 2012 | : Shopping

Marquees, or the more common folding marquees, are used around the world. These advertising devices are frequently used at various outdoor events and other places in which a company may need to show off their branding or to advertise. Several marquee suppliers will let the companies place images related to their business directly onto the marquee allowing for optimum advertising.

Typically, a basic marquee consists of four poles, four different wall panels, the roof and numerous other small easy to assemble components. Located just below the roof is a valance on all sides. The full wall and half sides let observers see exactly what kind of products, services or special deals are being offered. Other marquee styles come without the half walls and simply have a wall missing to allow customers to enter the tent.

How a business makes use of their company graphics and images can make a big difference in the number of buyers it attracts. Given that the basic folding marquees have several surfaces available, a smart business owner can take the opportunity to be very creative. Certainly, the business logo should be prominently displayed along with other bright graphics that help catch a potential customer’s eye. This type of advertising goes a long way toward helping the public associate a business with its brand and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Knowing exactly where the marquee will be located is very important as well when choosing how to design the graphics. If the marquee is not going to be readily visible to passersby, then spending a lot of money on print advertising is a waste. Marquees that will be in rainy locations will require water proof materials while those in arid, hot locations will need sun protection. The strong fabrics the marquees are made of are able to withstand anything the elements throw at it, this paired with the robust steel or aluminum frames creates a robust but easily portable branding solution for your next promotional event or fair.

Many types of organizations find that advertising their events with marquees to be quite beneficial. Just as in advertising a corporation, many non-profit groups use the same principles to create brand awareness for their cause. During outdoor events, it is not uncommon to see non-profits and corporations advertising right beside each other. The portability and branding potential of marquees is what makes them a leading item in promotional advertising signs.

The Purpose Of Road Safety Signs

20 Mar 2012 | : Advice

Safety signs have one particular purpose- to help keep you safe. Naturally, they cannot do that by themselves. We have to follow them because they are not there just for decorations.

The most common form of safety sign is most likely those which could be observed on the roads. The majority of these are permanent fixture which alerts drivers to conditions that they will face ahead of the road. Although there are also road safety signs that can be removed or transferred.

As an example; traffic cones and parking signs warn drivers of obstructions, diversions and also other obstacles on the road that might or may possibly not be visible from the driver’s seat. A lot of automobiles carry one in the case of emergency – a hazard sign that may be deployed to alert motorists to an accident or broken down car.

Aside from the traffic cones, another important road safety sign is the speed limit warning. This is because not all people are aware that they are driving too fast; or they think that they are still in a normal speed. The danger here is that there may be barriers ahead and that they could no longer control their cars when they need to make a sudden stop.

During rainy and snowy seasons, roads can be slippery, thus posing a threat on our lives whenever we drive. In fact, even if we just walk on the sidewalks, we can slip there. That is why, it is important that we should be cautious in reading signs so that we can avoid accidents.

Another common yet often disregarded road safety sign is the pedestrian lane. Some people would basically cross the street without using it which would put them in imminent danger just as so they are putting in danger the lives of the drivers that drive on the same street. On the other hand, there are also drivers who do not give respect to pedestrian lanes. They do not stop and let the people cross the street. Sad to say this is common especially on high traffic areas such as school and crossings.

Needless to say, road safety signs are there not because they add aesthetic beauty to a place. They are basically there to give us warnings of the possible dangers. That is why it best to follow them to free us from accidents that may injure or could even kill us.

Greece Honeymoon Destinations with Romantic Ambiance

16 Mar 2012 | : Travel

Are you planning on taking your loved one on a romantic trip? Do you plan to do it in one of the most romantic places on earth? If the answer to these questions is yes, then here are top Greece honeymoon destinations to choose from.


Santorini, or officially known as Thira is a stunning island that sits on the remains of a volcano that erupted more than 36 centuries ago. It is surrounded by pristine blue waters that would want you to just stay and bath on it until your skin is pruned. It also boasts of its beautiful sunset that you and your sweetheart can watch on top of a beautiful white washed building or on the side of rocky ( but safe) cliffs. Speaking of cliffs, the steep rocky cliffs provide amazing view of rocky peaks meeting the clear blue waters. The island is filled with archeological sites, excellent shops, and wineries. This and more is what you can experience if you choose this top Greece honeymoon destinations.


This mysterious place is once thought to be just a myth. It was first heard in the works of the great poet Homer. But the site, after being discovered, is now a treasured location of Greece. This is where history fanatic couples can hang back for a while. It is considered to be one of the oldest locations with human settlement to be discovered with evidence of occupation from the Neolithic era. You and your honey can experience walking through the tombs and temples that have been salvaged. You can even get the chance to pass through the Lion gates which are considered to be the first decorative structure in Greek History.

The Acropolis

The acropolis is the center of tourism in Athens. The Temple can be seen on top of a Flat-topped rock. It looks down over the city to remind it of its rich history. But don’t just settle on this world famous site; visit all of Athens with the Parthenon, Athena Nike, and the Temple of Zeus among many others.

Temple of Poseidon

Sadly, the Majestic Temple of Poseidon is no longer open to visitors but you can still give offerings for calm waters and safe voyage at sea. The columns are all that is left of the once beautiful and mighty infrastructure but if you stay for a bit longer for the sunset, you will see a beautiful sky stretching over the Agean Sea. It is one of the most amazing overlook that Greek honeymoon destinations have to offer.

Strolling around the roads of many Greek cities can spark the romantic hearts of couples for it not only presents a rich history with its white washed buildings and heavy blocked temples but it also represents a rich culture with its people and their many faceted practices and traditions. Now if this will not jump start your heart, I don’t know what will.

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