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Don’t Buy The Emotion Mojo Kayak Without Reading this Review!

21 Feb 2012 | : Outdoors, Uncategorized

The Emotion Mojo Kayak is one of many brands of kayaks available.  This sit-on-top style is suitable for  adults, teenagers, and older children alike.  A Mojo Kayak can be used in both fresh and salt water; a great benefit for those who like to kayak at various locations.  Moreover,  the price of an Emotion Mojo Fishing Kayak is within reason.

The Emotion Mojo is a great investment for the all-around sport enthusiast. Being in the water can be an exhilarating experience, especially with a Mojo kayak.  Straight line tracking is the norm with this design; however, quick turns are not as easy because of this.  Built for stability and control, winds of up to twenty-five knots are not problematic.

Prior experiences may lead people to believe kayaking on small rivers can be less than desirable.  However, small rivers do not pose a problem when using an Emotion Mojo Kayak.  Speedboats may rush by,  but that is of no concern as the Mojo kayak can easily handle the waves.  Known for reliability, both active movement and fishing can be engaged in regardless of how turbulent the water is.

This Kayak is available for the best price with free home delivery on Amazon through this link only.

Check out the Features of this kayak:

  • UV resistant
  • Made of compounded polythene plastic
  • Paddle ledge and keeper
  • Adjustable foot-braces
  • Additional storage when back seat is folded
  • Bow and stern carrying handles
  • Luggage handles
  • Rear cargo area with bungees
  • Length 12’5″
  • Width 32″
  • Deck Height 15″
  • Weight 55lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds

Fishing while kayaking can be quite an experience.  It is entirely possible to paddle over fish of all sizes without scaring them away in this kayak. Anything below hull speed is completely silent. This can result in several great catches!

The outstanding glide of the Emotion Mojo Fishing Kayak makes it possible to travel for lengthy periods of time.  It is no secret sitting for extended periods of time can cause back pain, especially in the tail bone area.  While the back rest itself is comfortable, the seat may need extra padding.  The addition of foam cushions goes a long way in alleviating this minor issue.

After reading through this Emotion Mojo Kayak Review, it should be clear that dependability and stability are trademark characteristics of this craft.  Fast turns are not a highly rated aspect of this particular kayak as safety and reliability are the preferred target.

For Professional Plumbing Services Done Right Contact Caldwell Plumbing

20 Feb 2012 | : Indoors, Uncategorized

When you are in need of plumbing services you deserve to know that you are hiring an honest and trustworthy company that cares about your needs. The plumbing services in your residential, commercial and industrial buildings play a big role in the overall safety and well-being of the building structure as well as the individuals that utilize them. Which is why at Caldwell Plumbing, we never take short cuts when providing you with the plumbing services you need. We try to build a relationship with each of our clients so that they have a professional to contact for all of their plumbing needs.

Residential customers can trust our team to meet their needs whether they are looking for emergency repairs to their existing plumbing system or they are in need of a complete plumbing design for a newly constructed home. Leaky plumbing is responsible for over ninety percent of all mold problems found within a home. Individuals that reside in homes with these problems often times experience health conditions that include asthma, allergies, respiratory illnesses and other such ailments that require medical attention. Our technicians are trained to locate leaky pipes and appliances within the home to decrease these threats to your family.

For industrial and commercial property owners Caldwell Plumbing knows that when you have problems within the plumbing system of your building you can experience financial devastation. Prolonged waiting times which are often experienced in these situations, means that your business is losing income and suffering major losses. Our customer care specialists are prepared to act quickly in these matters and will dispatch a technician to your location in a fast and efficient manner so that your company can be back in business quickly.

As a full service plumbing company there are no services that our company cannot handle regardless on whether they are big or small. We believe that it is our customers’ level of satisfaction that determines our success in this industry. We provide each of our technicians with the information and knowledge necessary to ensure that you have access to the best plumbing products available. Some of the plumbing needs we are able to help you with include:

– Designing and installing energy efficient plumbing systems

– Replacing old and inefficient water heating systems

– Replacing old plumbing pipes

– Installing new bathtub, shower units, toilets, sinks, garbage disposals and dishwashers

– Repairing damage to plumbing systems caused by faulty services

– Installation of septic systems and back-up pumps

To see the difference it makes with working with real experts in the plumbing industry contact our customer care specialists today for your consultation. You will be pleased that you did and will see that we are committed to building a lasting relationship with each of our clients that enlist our help for their plumbing needs.

What You Need to Know about Renters Insurance

17 Feb 2012 | : Insurance, Uncategorized

Renters insurance is one of the most commonly overlooked types of insurance, when if fact, it’s a necessity for anyone renting a home, duplex, townhome, condo, loft, studio or apartment. Many people don’t even give it a second thought though, because it’s not always required. A large portion of the population doesn’t even realize how important renters insurance is. Many people seem to think that, when they rent, their landlord’s insurance will cover their property. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you’re robbed, or there is a fire, or some other damaging event, in which your property is destroyed, you will be completely out of luck if you don’t have renters insurance. The landlord’s insurance only covers the building itself. Make sure you protect your jewelry, TVs and other high valued items with a renters insurance policy. If you’re not covered you’re going to have to replace all of your property, out of pocket.

Another thing people commonly forget about is liability. Did you know that you are 100% liable if somebody comes over to your place of residence and hurts themself? If that person does not have health insurance, they can sue you to pay for their medical bills. All renters insurance policies include a liability portion that protects renters from this type of incident. The minimum coverage is usually around $100,000.

Right there I just gave you two great reasons to buy renters insurance; Your property is not covered, and you’re liable if somebody gets hurt, while under your roof. Here’s something else that most people don’t know about renters insurance: It’s one of the least expensive types of insurance out there. Most people can get a policy, to cover them, for around $15 a month. Some people can get coverage for $5 per month, while folks with lots of high valued items can pay as much as 40$ per month. If you live with roommates, split that two or three ways. There’s really no excuse not to have renters insurance. If you don’t have renters insurance now, you need to go out and get it, before it’s too late! You never know what could happen tomorrow. Anyone who has a renters insurance policy will tell you that the $15 a month is well worth the peace of mind you’ll get. On top of everything, if you bundle your renters insurance with your other insurance policies you can usually get additional discounts as well.

Tips For Selling A Structured Settlement

17 Feb 2012 | : Advice, Finance

A structured settlement can be beneficial to a claimant in many ways. There are times however when claimants have no other choice but to sell them. Selling structured settlements is a tough decision and entails letting go of all its benefits. If ever that point comes, here are a few tips to help you with it.

Before anything else, think long and hard – are you really going to sell your structured settlements? Structured settlements are highly advantageous because it provides a lifelong financial support. If not a lifetime, it could last you several years depending on the agreement. Handing over any leftover payout to an heir is also possible even after death. Once you sell them in full or partially, the benefits you will receive will be gone or reduced drastically.

Besides, selling structured settlements will only get you a portion of their actual value. If you have a settlement worth $200,000 for example, companies may offer you $150,000 at most to get them leaving you $50,000 short. The reason why you need to know all of these is so that you will be aware of its consequences.

Another tip for selling structured settlements is to know their benefits. Just as you are aware of its consequences, you should be equally aware of what it can get you. Even though selling it will get you an amount smaller than its value, do note the time it will take to get you that same payout if you just complied with the settlement. A $150,000 one time payout may be a rip-off from your settlement’s $200,000 value but that lump sum could take decades to acquire if you merely complied to the agreement. Decades may be time you don’t have for an immediate financial need. Whenever you bump into a financial crisis that requires you to shell out a large amount of cash, selling your settlement could help you. This scenario is an example wherein benefits outweigh the consequences of an action.

Lastly, try not selling structured settlements in full. If possible, only sell a portion of it depending on how much money you need at the moment. By selling them partially, you can suffer from less setbacks and still be able to enjoy the benefits of structured settlements. For example, you can sell just $50,000 worth of settlements to pay a debt of $30,000 and have the remaining amount continually given to you in the form of structured settlements.

Tips for Teen Drivers that can Keep You Safe

17 Feb 2012 | : Insurance

Finally reaching the driving age is an exciting time in a teenagers life, and a nerve-racking time for their parents!  It can be expensive insuring teenage drivers.  Here are some tips to keep teens safe on the road and may lead to lower insurance rates!

Focus on the Road

It is absolutely essential to focus on the road at all times while driving.  It seems obvious, yet it is something difficult to do, especially for new teen drivers.  There can be all kinds of distractions; the radio, passengers, phone calls, and even the pure excitement of being out on the road the first couple of months.  No matter where teens are driving (home from dinner, to a friend’s house, etc.), getting caught up in their favorite song that’s playing on the radio is always a possibility. This isn’t to say teens need to ignore their friends or drive in complete silence—just pay attention and focus!  Teenagers need to have the courage, if they are getting distracted, to kindly tell their friends that they need to concentrate on driving to ensure everyone gets to their destination safely, or maybe change the radio station or turn it down.

Avoid Technology while Driving

There are so many technological devices that can cause distractions these days; cell phones, GPS devices, satellite radio, ipods, etc.  Having these devices in the car is absolutely fine.  It’s how they are used while driving that makes the difference.  Don’t text and drive!  Don’t read texts and drive!  Don’t flip through the music library and drive!  Those things can wait, all of them.  Looking down for even a second could be the difference between getting into an accident and arriving safely.  You never know what the people around you are going to do.  It happens that fast.

Recognize Hazardous Situations

Learning to recognize hazardous situations is crucial to a teen driver’s maturity. Teens have little to no experience driving, and chances are they have not driven in all situations.  Snow is an obvious one.  It takes practice and knowledge to be able to drive in the snow, and sometimes that’s not even enough.  Rain can also be hazardous.  Floods can happen in seconds and cars can hydroplane instantly.  Pull over and wait for it to calm down or pass.  Winds, ice and hail are also hazardous situations you want to avoid.

These are just basic tips, time and experience will make all the difference in ones driving ability.

Should You Aerate With A Hand Aerator, Or A Machine Aerator?

16 Feb 2012 | : Outdoors, Shopping, Uncategorized

If you’re trying to decide how to aerate your lawn, I would recommend that you do it with a core aerator, because a core aerator gives you the best results.  If you’re trying to decide whether or not to use a hand or a gas powered machine aerator, then hopefully this article will give you some good ideas as to which is best.

The advantage of using a hand aerator is that it is not very expensive. Generally, you can buy a good quality hand aerator for $25 or $30.  Also, you don’t have to pay to rent the machine every time that you use your own hand aerator. Owning your own hand aerator can save you money. Another advantage is that it is great for getting spots in your lawn. If you have a spot or two, or even if you want to aerate along the edges of your lawn, you can do it pretty easily with a hand aerator. The only downside to using one of these is that it can take a lot of time and effort for you to make enough holes so your lawn will be completely aerated. In addition, if you have not aerated your lawn in a long time, I recommend that you go over it twice. Going over twice with a hand aerator is much more difficult than going over it twice with a mechanical aerator.

When you aerate lawn, the best way to do it is with a gas powered machine aerator.  This method is quick and easy. Most lawns take less than 30 minutes to aerate using a machine. Even if you have not used a machine before, you can probably figure out how to do it and do a pretty decent job. Also, you may be able to hire someone to do it for about the same cost as renting the machine and doing it yourself. This will save you some time.   For instance, if you find somebody who’s willing to do the aerating for you for $40, you can save yourself the hassle of having to go down to a rental store, find the aerator, rent it, and then bring it back to the store when you’re done. Often, this is a great way to do lawn aeration because the job gets done, and then you send in the payment. You can make sure that you’re satisfied with the work before you send in a check.

The Magic of Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots

15 Feb 2012 | : Beauty & Fashion

When it comes to hand crafted shoes, people who have interest in fashion go crazy. Handmade shoes have their own place in the fashion world. A certain set of people only buy handmade shoes. All in all, it is safe to say that hand crafted shoes carry a whole new meaning as compared to regular shoes when it comes to the fashion world. At the top of the pile of European handmade shoes, Ilse Jacobsen have cemented their place.

Ilse Jacobsen have been making shoes for more than eighteen years now and they are a class of their own. The splendor of Copenhagen and the Danish heritage reflects richly in their products. It gives out an essence of quality which cannot be found in bulk made shoes at factories.

Why is Ilse Jacobsen such a special brand in the market?

Ilse Jacobsen have a large variety in products whose quality and style are unmatched. Their competitors are merely playing the catching game. They are way ahead in the market. If you walk into a store with Ilse Jacobsen products, you can expect to find everything ranging from elegant formal shoes to Ilse Jacobsen short rain boots.

A lot of skill and technical ability is required in making these shoes. Workers at Ilse Jacobsen seem to have mastered the craft. The concentration on little details is immaculate. You have to buy a pair for yourself to see its magical effect.

The ‘respect’ element for Ilse Jacobsen probably comes from their integrity in using eco friendly material. Harmful chemicals are strictly banned from Ilse Jacobsen recipe. They have started an awareness campaign, which tells us how much we can save nature just by careful.

The Ilse Jacobsen rain boots

Like other products Ilse Jacobsen offer, their rain boots are also artistic and aesthetically desirable. There are three different styles in Ilse Jacobsen rain boots:

  • Rub 2 – The ankle high boots
  • Rub 15 – The mid calf boots
  • Rub 1 – The long boots

Rub 2 – The ankle high boots:

If you are the type who person who enjoys doing tiresome physical activates then the rub 2 ankle high boots are perfect for you. These shoes are intended for those who like to run, jog, hike and walk rigorously – in other words, people who like to take it to the extreme. These shoes are fully waterproof and are practically impenetrable. They are durable and long lasting.

Rub 15 – The mid calf boots:

For those who like to walk with lightweight shoes, this boots will surprise you. They are not only light, they actually makes the process of walking and running lighter. They have the ability to store air bubbles between their soles. This distributes the weight that is put on the feet when a person is walking or running. Walking and running is not a tiresome activity anymore.

Rub 1 – The long boots:

The long boots by Ilse Jacobsen are very elegant as long boots in general are. The Ilse Jacobsen long boots are made out of one hundred percent genuine leather. They are heavy, sturdy and elegant. The Ilse Jacobsen long boots is one of the most desirable products in any person’s closet.

Learning to Eat Healthy

15 Feb 2012 | : Health

One of the best things that you can do for your health starting right now is to adjust to a healthy diet. Many of us subsist on a diet high in processed foods, starches, sugars, saturated fats, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals. As these products have become more and more predominant in the food world, so has our health as a society gradually declined. Many of us have a great deal of difficulty transitioning to a healthy eating plan, particularly after a lifetime on commercial processed food, but there is an easier way.

The first thing that needs to change when you make the decision to eat healthy is how you look at healthy food and healthy eating. Most of us grew up with the idea that eating healthy meant salads at every meal and rice cakes for dinner. This left many of us with the misconception that healthy food is dry and bland, and that eating healthy is akin to living in a windowless room with nothing but a pile of cardboard to keep us company. Let that idea go.

Healthy food can be just as succulent and flavorful as unhealthy food. Sure, you won’t be eating two pound hamburgers piled high with bacon, cheese, and mayonnaise, but there are plenty of healthy choices that can be just as tasty while at the same time containing only a fraction of the calories. Consider for a moment a sandwich containing grilled chicken, creamy garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, baby spinach, and havarti cheese. I’m willing to bet that your mouth is already watering at the thought. This is what healthy food can be.

The best thing you can do when taking on a healthy way of eating is to learn to cook for yourself. When you do your own cooking at home, you know everything that goes into your food, so you don’t have to worry about checking ingredient lists for hidden sugars, chemicals, or other additives. If you are trying to lose weight, it will also help you because you will be much better able to count your calories, as well as avoid all those hidden sugars and fats added to processed foods to make them taste good. There is also something special about sitting down to a home-cooked meal that you prepared yourself, something that no restaurant or fast food restaurant can replace. You can enjoy good food in good health; all you have to do is give it a chance.

Why Pregnant Women Should Get Maternity Body Pillows

14 Feb 2012 | : Health

Pregnancy is an important and wonderful time for every woman; however, it can also be extremely stressing not just because as an expectant mom you know that you require ample rest in order to properly nurture the growing baby inside your womb, but acquiring that critical sleep becomes increasingly difficult as the state of pregnancy goes on.

One excellent solution to this is to buy yourself a pregnancy body or husband pillow. These are basically full-body cushions which are specially intended to support the entire body while you slumber, easing pressure off of your back as well as helping to maintain your feet raised in order to prevent swelling. Unlike the ordinary pillows that you have in your house, maternity body pillows do not fall off a bed or budge or whatever as you sleep at night. These pillows are pretty large and are made especially to follow the contour of your body with its end portion secured properly between your knees and hips.

These days, you can find an array of pregnancy body pillows available in the market that can suit your budget. Maternity wedge pillows are actually the cheapest, which you can purchase for as low as $20. These pillows go under the midsection, taking the baby’s weight while you sleep sideways. There are also the C-shaped maternity body pillows that either curl around your front or back. Yet another variant is the giant U-shaped maternity body pillow that goes across both the back and the front. These are actually the most costly variant; however, they are also the softest and most comfortable. You can find maternity body pillows filled with memory foam as well, which easily molds itself into your particular body shape for optimum support as well as comfort.

Majority of expectant mothers who sleep at night with the help of a maternity body pillow observed that the pressure on their lower back is considerably reduced and so is the excessive swelling of their feet. After the delivery of the baby, you can make use of the body pillow for support while you nurse your little angel. As a matter of fact, these specially designed pillows can even serve as a safe and flexible playpen for your child as they reach their toddler years!

Certainly, getting yourself a maternity body pillow is an excellent choice. However, just be warned though that once you become accustomed to sleeping using these special pillows, you will have a tough time trying to sleep without it!

Why you Should Sell your Textbooks After College

12 Feb 2012 | : Finance

Are you prepared to start college? One purchase that will sneak up on you will be college textbooks. Getting college textbooks, even just for a couple classes, will set you back a lot more than purchasing novels and other types of books. Sell the books to other college students who might need them if you do not need them anymore. It’s cost-effective and eliminates chaos and overload among your possessions at the same time.

How do I Sell my Textbooks?

A widespread strategy many students use to sell textbooks for cash is usually to sell them to your school bookstore. This can be fairly uncomplicated. A superior way is always to sell them to other students if you can. You will make a lot more money mainly because you don’t need to pay fees or get a poor price from the bookstore, and you’ll be able to charge them much less.

Try the Web

Selling your books to other students will get you the most income, however, it’s not that easy to do. It really is tough to locate these students who need the books you have. The world wide web is the subsequent most effective option to sell your books. Use Amazon or Half.com to sell your books. I do not recommend renting your books. It sounds wonderful and cheap, however, it will not save you as significantly as Amazon or Half.com.

These web sites are pretty straightforward to use. Locate the book you are selling by way of the search function. Search for the title or ISBN. Make sure you obtain the right edition. There ought to be a link that says “sell yours here”, Stick to the link and do what it says.

Make your Books More Attractive

Filling in the condition is easy. Is it new, very good, fair? Add plenty of comments towards the description of the book such as the edition, whether or not or not you will find marks on the pages, and if it contains discs or other added media. Consumers like to understand exactly what they are buying, even when it costs a bit extra.


Give it a fair value. A book which is in excellent condition must have a higher value. Many people won’t think spending a bit extra is a problem if it really is a book in very good condition. Is your book in poor condition? Set the cost low so you can sell it fast. This is one of those money making ideas where you have to work out the pricing through trial and error.

Be sure to package your books well. Use boxes, bubble envelopes, or other materials. Medial mail will likely be the least expensive approach and is meant for books and also other media. Ask your buyers for seller feedback by e-mail and by writing a request for it on their package slip. Excellent critiques will boost your star rating. More stars will increase your credibility as a seller.

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