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Thinking Of Becoming An Estate Agent?

29 Feb 2012 | : Advice, Business

If you’re considering becoming an estate agent, then you should know a little more about what people think about them, before making a decision to take on the job. Unfortunately, many people dislike estate agents simply because of their work attitude and how they deal with their customers. This is usually caused by their desire to make as high commission as possible out of every single deal.

While there are genuine estate agents out there, it is true that a big number of estate agents like to practice often silly tactics just to make a profit every time. Quite obviously, this kind of work attitude does no good to the reputation of professional estate agents who do their job to find the right buyer for their customers.

So what is it that “bad” estate agents do that causes people to hate them? I think the most popular move is when try to sell a house for a higher price, when a sale has already been agreed with another buyer. Imagine that you agreed to buy a house, but then suddenly you get a call from an agent saying that he found another person who’s willing to pay more. How would you feel?

Similarly, say you’re selling a house, but not sure how much you should price it. So you decide to ask for estate agent’s help, but instead of giving you a realistic up to date price, he undervalues your property and sells it for a quick commission, while you end up getting a lot less for your property, than you should. A classic rip-off and a perfect reason to do your own research regarding the prices, before referring to estate agency companies.

Another method that unreliable estate agents like to practice is to try to sell a house for an unrealistically high price, meaning they ignore lower offers from potential buyers just for the sake of making a higher commission. So you end up wasting time thinking that your property is worth more that you first thought, while in reality your estate agent simply wants to make more money.

As you can see, there are a few ways how estate agents cheat to make as much cash as possible, but hopefully after reading this article you’ll pay more attention to your estate agent when you decide to let/sell your property. To find excellent estate agents Liverpool, check this out.

Lincoln MKS Delivers Technological Features That Redefine Mobility for Modern Drivers

28 Feb 2012 | : Shopping

Transportation has been significantly re-imagined over the last decade. Cars, trucks and SUVs are no longer just vessels that transport people and cargo – now the journey is just as important as the destination. Luxury brands like Ford Lincoln have developed new technological features and driver-focused electronics that redefine mobility for today’s consumers and put more value in to what is often one of our most expensive assets. Grapevine Lincoln, a leading Lincoln dealership in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metroplex, states that technology is driving the auto industry forward. Consumers desire features that make driving fun, comfortable and safe, and vehicles like the 2012 Lincoln MKS deliver on all fronts.

The 2012 MKS is an intelligent option for Dallas Lincoln shoppers who want a terrific balance of luxury, performance and amenities. Just a few of its key features include:


SYNC offers an incredibly long list of functions and services. It incorporates voice-recognition technology to allow drivers to find and play music, request turn-by-turn directions, text and make calls virtually hands free. And that’s just for starters. Expanded SYNC functionality also now includes local Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities for tablets and laptops and a standard Operator Assist program.

Continuously Controlled Damping

The MKS is the only vehicle in its segment that offers Continuously Controlled Damping as standard equipment. The system monitors suspension settings and implements real-time adjustments to the suspension to provide a smoother ride and more controlled handling. Texas residents can experience the MKS’ sophisticated ride at their premier Lincoln dealership in Dallas.

Safety Technologies

The MKS features a wealth of innovative safety technologies like Lane Keeping Aid, Lane Keeping Alert and Collision Warning, all of which help drivers avoid common road mishaps and potential accidents. The sedan’s other standard list of equipment includes side-impact bars, seat-belt pre-tensioners, anti-lock brakes, passenger airbags, driver airbags and side airbags, among other features.

Lincoln Drive Control

This system aids to the MKS sedan’s engaging driving experience. It is an automatic system that delivers a wonderful balance of responsive handling and a smooth, refined ride. You’ll take control of the road, connecting with the environment, rather than being separated from it. This system also allows you to customize the “personality” of the MKS sedan’s performance. For example, shifting from Drive to Sport adapts the vehicles steering response, ride firmness, traction control and more.

Check out an all-American favorite. From the manufacturing lines in Chicago, the 2012 Lincoln MKS has made its way to the driveways of Texas homes. Test drive one today at Grapevine Lincoln! We have one of the best selections of new cars and SUVs in the city and our world-class service has made us a premier Lincoln dealership in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and other local cities.

Fire Island, New York: Ultimate Vacation Island

28 Feb 2012 | : Travel

When looking for the perfect getaway this summer, Fire Island must be on top of your list. It is the ultimate island destination for years and has remained to be the best-loved retreat of local and foreign vacationers.

Fire Island, New York is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay at Long Island, New York. It is a destination like no other in the US East Coast, with its natural beauty and well-protected ecosystem. Bask in the sun and wander around their famous parks and wildlife locations.

The best thing about Fire Island is the convenient way you can reach it. While automobile transit is limited on the island, you will find that there are far easier and pleasurable travel options. A short one-hour journey from New York City leads you to the ports of Patchogue, Sayville and Bay Shore in Long Island. From there, you can ride one of the ferries, private boats, water taxis and seaplanes. A ferry ride travels take approximately 25 minutes to take you to your dream holiday getaway.

Whether you are planning on a quick weekend escapade or a full month of fun-filled vacation, Fire Island will offer you that and more. Activities in the island range from water adventures such as fishing, swimming, surfing, clamming, boating and sailing; through to countryside activities like hiking, biking, tennis and camping.

Accommodations and Fire Island real estate are one of the best in the country. The island is the home of prime real estate where vacation homes and properties are greatly sought out by local and international buyers. A weekend in the island will let you taste what it is like living in a vacation home near the white-sand beaches in a beautiful and peaceful community. You will want to buy your very own home on Fire Island sometime soon. However, prime real estate will also cost a fortune. So unless you have the money to spend, it is a good idea to rent one of these beautiful homes to begin with.

Once you decide to go to Fire Island this summer, make a point that you are well-equipped for the weekend or the entire month. To enjoy the island, you will need to have a laid-back attitude in the first place. It is not a place for silks and ties, unless you are attending a wedding on the island. Be sure to don your best pair of swim suit or swimming trunks and prepare a nice cover-up for hanging around town. Explore the different communities, enjoy the activities and bring your family along. Fire Island definitely is the ultimate vacation island in the US.

What Mobile Spy Software App is Best?

28 Feb 2012 | : Business, Shopping, Technology

Of course there really isn’t any true best spy phone software application, you will have to find out which is right for both you and your needs. Currently it is not easy to look beyond three competitors, Stealth Genie, Mobile Spy and Flexispy. They are offered by really good secure firms and naturally they work. They also provide the best functionality and features however they all have their own specific selling points. Most of these programs work in very similar ways but offer some distinctive advanced features and also their costs can vary quite a bit. Here is a look at a few things I see as their major selling points.

Flexispy Phone Software

Flexispy spy software is seen as the top of the range system on the market today. Flexispy also supports the biggest range of mobile phones and operating systems. One significant special feature stands out as the capacity to have live call listening where you could in fact listen in on a call – remotely. The company is certainly reliable and it has been at the cutting edge of this technology for many years – trustworthy and efficient as opposed to just after your money. When it comes to highly technical software it’s essential to choose a business with good support and help systems in position and Flexispy can deliver here as well. The user experience is good together with clear guidelines and an easy to use interface even for a novice user.

Seems great yet as usual there are negative points to consider. Flexispy is easily the most expensive option and by a significant margin and they also only supply annual contracts. Their full featured yearly product costs about $350. I think there are actually only a couple of reasons to go to that level of expense – such as when you need to have live call listening or the variety of cell phone you have is not supported by the other companies. For anybody who is the sort of individual who must have the absolute best you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Stealth Genie Spy Phone Software

This is the most recent spy phone software specialist out of my best three choices. They compete very well in terms of the main features and a straightforward set up. Where Stealth Genie can be a let down is due to a small listing of supported mobile phones – they just include Blackberry and Android cell phones at this time. In addition with the firm being relatively new they don’t yet have a proven track record so there’s a slightly increased risk with your investment.

Where I will be able to endorse Stealth Genie is for their unique mobile phone tracking features. They’ve got a few seriously ingenious monitoring and alert systems excellent for keeping track of your children and staff. These functions really are worth evaluating if you’re particularly focused on tracking capabilities. As costs go StealthGenie is still around the expensive end at about $200 for the top rated program though they also provide some less expensive options. This software competes with Flexispy when it comes to advanced features when your mobile phone is compatible and for considerably less money. Once they have more supported mobile phones on their list they will likely come to challenge the others since their program is incredibly ingenious.

Mobile Spy Cell phone Spy Software

If you are cost conscious yet would like good quality spy phone software with a little less function then Mobile Spy is your next choice. Maybe not as full featured as the other brands yet it will carry out the major functions of mobile phone monitoring and tracking well. They are definitely the longest standing software supplier in this industry. Based in the States and having an excellent support and post sales service record. For most people they have got all the features you’ll need and give support for a substantial variety of phones along with the iPhone 4. A great selling point is the value of this software. Their leading 12-monthly program will cost you around $130 and you could start off at close to $50 for a three month contract. For someone starting out with this type of spy product I recommend trying Mobile Spy first.

Find the Spy Phone Software for Your Needs

Start with verifying your cell phone compatibility. Ask yourself what features and functions you really want within the spy program, not simply what may seem quite cool. When listening to calls is a must for you, then Flexispy will be the only option. When it comes to sophisticated tracking of the mobile phone with a few excellent reporting functions – StealthGenie does well. For most other circumstances, in which good practical features are essential yet at a decent cost you should take a look at Mobile Spy phone software. Make sure to make use of spy phone software programs sensibly and be conscious of your legal responsibilities.

Monokini Swimsuits Since 1969 To Today

28 Feb 2012 | : Beauty & Fashion, Shopping

Rudi Gernreich was the first person to invent the garment known as monokini. The garment turned out to be really shocking, and despite the negative effect it created in the market the monokini was sold like hot cakes.
After the popularity of monokinis, designers eventually started designing unique and distinctive designs which showed the actual purpose of the monokini. Primarily monokinis were made as a one piece garment with halter neck and a thin fabric bottom, but with the passage of time they became available in a diverse range of colors, styles, cutouts designs, and prints. They are available in plain colors as well as in prints like polka dots, lines, animal and floral prints.

These swimsuits are enhanced elegantly in many ways; some have rings, chains and other beautiful fabrics that connect the top with bottom.

The prices of the monokini swimsuits differ from design to design, the monokini sale starts from $35 to $100. Depending on the fabric and the quality of the material. So if you find a monokini sale, go for it!

The purchasing of the monokini swimsuits may turn out to be very tough. There are hundreds of monokini options available in the market, but not all styles can suit every type of body. Your body type and your build is the basic thing to be considered when you are going to buy a monokini. In case of larger bust go for the maximum support bra with underwire. Prevent the sweetheart necklines and select the ones with halter necks and strapless tops in case you have a smaller bust size. In the same way women with long and lean legs should opt for shorter cuts on the sides of the legs, and women with shorter legs are suggested to select longer cuts on the sides. The monokini swimsuits can help you disguise your weaknesses and enhance your body.

Onesies, Snap-Tees, & Footed Sleepers: Which Are Ideal For You?

28 Feb 2012 | : Shopping

Curious about what sort of clothes you should invest in for your little boy? Well, you will find there are three main choices, each with a unique function. The three kinds are: infant body suits, side-snap shirts, and footed sleepers. What you decide on is going to come down to a couple things. What is your baby the comfiest in? And also, what is the least troublesome to dress them in?

Children’s body suits (or “onesies” for short) are a widely used choice of newborn baby boy clothes. Onesies are basically t-shirts which cover up the bottom part of a baby. One positive about these is that they shouldn’t be that expensive wherever you find them. They should only be about $20 and that’s for ones with logos or catch phrases on them. But you have to remember that the lower limbs of your child will not be covered. In the event that your child becomes chilly easily, this will not produce enough warmth them for them to be comfortable. You may have to throw on some pants as well as one of their baby sweaters. Moreover, many people have difficulty getting the t-shirts over the heads of the little ones as they can move around a lot.

If you prefer an item which is simpler to put on, you might need to opt for side snap tee shirts. Those have the benefit of snapping, so they are much easier to get on. Although the downside to them is they leave the bottom half of the child exposed. This will mean that your infant must have on pants or their Huggies too.

As a final point, footed sleepers are also a pretty good option. Like onesies, they cover up the bottom. But they also go even further, covering up the feet in addition. What also sets these apart is that they have zippers on them, which means that getting them on the baby is a lot easier to do. The draw back is that not merely will you need to get their arms in the sleepers, you’ll have to get their legs in too. So if you have the type of baby where it can be a battle to clothe them, this can present a problem. Then again it is what you pay for in getting complete coverage.

This list isn’t intended to be the end all, be all. These are simply just some of the advantages and disadvantages of the more popular styles of newborn baby clothes. However now you’ll understand the sorts of tradeoffs you’ll be making when you buy each style.

Experience the Thrill of Riding Pit Bikes

28 Feb 2012 | : Shopping

Pit Bikes are small but the size is compensated for its speed and the fact that it is used for thrilling, sometimes dangerous, stunts in the pits and in motocross racing. Though these types of bikes are fun-sized, so to speak, they are not really for kids. There are dangers that come with riding these fun-sized bikes. They are definitely smaller versions of motorcycles. These mini bikes customarily run on four stroke engines with some running on two stroke engines equipped with electric powered motors. It is becoming somewhat common to spot mini bikes ridden even on busy city roads nowadays.

Like go-carts, mini pit bikes were constructed from scraps in the garages for motorcycling enthusiasts. The pit in its name was taken from its history of being ridden through drag racing pits back in the 1950’s. They demonstrated their usefulness coursing through tight pits as they are easily maneuvered. They fit well in the back of pick-ups and they can go at a faster speed than other transportation modes. Racers began bringing home these mini bikes and people in the neighborhood began taking an interest in them. The demand for mini bikes also increased as more people become interested in trying them out.

Some of the first companies to manufacture and supply pit bikes are Fox, Arctic Cat and Rupp. These mini bikes were at its peak of fame during the late 60s and the early 70s. Some famous brands began manufacturing their own mini bikes and owners and enthusiasts were always on the lookout for the newest models and innovations. They became useful for weaving in and out of city traffic but they were also misused with reckless drag racing and with people driving under the influence. This is why the legitimacy of riding these powerful bikes varies from country to country. Nevertheless, they can be quite safe provided riders follow safety precautions just as one would with the bigger versions.

Although the bike ís size has repeatedly been emphasized, they can be powerful with 15 horsepower in a 30 to 50-plus cc frames. This means they can go as fast as 30 to 70 kilometers an hour. Motocross rallies and its varieties are where these mini bikes are often raced. Its size makes it convenient transportation in small neighborhoods and the fact that it can be ridden off-road and on-road makes it much more appealing as it can be ridden through almost any terrain.

Pit Bikes can definitely match their original motorcycle counterparts from its uses to its appearance. Nonetheless, for practicality purposes, a rider with a larger build is probably more suited for the bigger version. There are kids who have become interested in riding and racing mini bikes and some have become successful racers with skills rivaling that of pro-racers. But again, kids should be well-supervised when allowed to ride these bikes. Even fun-sized rides can do extraordinary and powerful things that may not be safe for kids. With any bike, small or big, every rider should pay attention to safety precautions as well as laws governing the use of such transportations.

Creative Activites for Kids

23 Feb 2012 | : Education

Creativity is a best seller nowadays. Schools have started adding many creative activities to their curriculum’s and there are loads of websites that are full of creative activities for kids to do. One of them you can find here discusses the importance of children doing art that is not copycat arts and crafts but, is art and crafts that the children do on their own. It is not creative when children are told to copy a model of  teachers project and then there are 25 of the same project strung across the classroom. Children do need to create at their own level and not to copy somebody else idea, that is not creativity. There are however, many other activities that allow children to be creative beside art.

For example: There is a big industry of lego out there that many kids spend hours playing with. They may be playing with their lego on a lego table or they may just be using the floor. If they follow the instructions that come with the lego than it may be defeating the purpose of creativity somewhat similar to the art. However, if they choose not to copy the instructions then there is great room for lots of creativity. What happens however, is that many kids get so used to copying the instructions exactly that they don’t even know how to be creative with the lego which kind of defeats the purpose. Many of the lego instructions are so complicated that they can’t even be followed without an adults intervention which kind of defeats the purpose of creative kids play in the first place.

Another creative activity for kids is simply imaginative play. Kids can spend hours playing with their dolls, trucks, blocks and many other pretend play types of toys. The truth is that some of the best type of imaginative play is without any toys whatsoever. If you think back to your own childhood you may remember playing with your friends for hours outside. How many of us had the plethora of pretend play toys that are available to kids today. We were much happier playing cops and robbers and tap tap treeo than the kids today who are glued to their TV sets and their computers. It is a great pity that computers and other very non imaginative and creative activities have taken the place of the really simple and creative activities of yesteryear

What’s In Store For Masters Degree Paralegal Studies Graduates

21 Feb 2012 | : Education

Evidently, paralegal is fast rising as a profession in America and in many other developed countries. It is, in fact, recognized as among the top jobs in the recent past. Many top lawyers have shown that better quality and quantity of output can be done with the help of efficient paralegals. The increasing interdependence between lawyers and paralegal, the rising respect for the profession marked by the prestige and the salaries, and the paralegal’s growing responsibilities have created a demand for Masters Degree Paralegal Studies.

These are enough reasons to motivate paralegals to aim for an enrichment in terms of advanced training. These days, there are about ten masters’ degree programs in paralegal in the United States; half of that are ABA-approved. There are many schools which offer law-related short term courses intended to advance careers. In certain universities like the Texas State, the masters in legal studies program offers three majors aside from a generalized legal studies program: environmental, legal administration, and alternative dispute resolution.

What can graduates of Masters Degree Paralegal Studies do after graduation? Those who earn their masters can seek opportunities in specialized areas in corporate and industrial firms, intellectual rights, and the life sciences like pharmaceuticals and technology-based industries. There are of course work opportunities to do traditional work like the conventional law firms, state and federal agencies, and corporation. Paralegals who earned a masters degree can also use it to get to the law school. Enrolling in a masters degree can help one improve their GWA especially in college to help them get through the tough screening in the law school.

It is not always easy when one has a masters degree in paralegal. One needs to identify the possible targets with proactive and competitive nature reflected in their policies. Not every potential employer will go around requesting for paralegal candidates with a graduate degree. One explicit reason is the salary range that comes with the higher qualification. While every employer would love the upgrade in the quality of work, not everyone is willing to pay more than what they are used to.

It is, however, strongly believed that the age for skillful and highly-educated paralegals is coming very soon borne out of competition. Those with Masters Degree Paralegal Studies are just in luck because that time is at hand.

Doug is one author for the site 2012 Taxes which provides free Turbo Tax options.

The Disadvantages of Solar Panels

21 Feb 2012 | : Advice

As much as I love solar energy, I am increasingly made aware of the fact solar power has its disadvantages.

To begin with there is the whole problem with sunshine.  If we could find a way to keep sunlight 24 hours a day, then we would have no problem harvesting all of the energy we need. However, even with the best solar systems, we have to install extra in order to compensate for nighttime and cloudy days when the sun is not available.

However, that is not the biggest problem.  The biggest challenge with solar energy is our technology.  We simply have not developed the technology to effectively harvest sunlight and convert it to an extremely usable form .

Solar panels are typically what people think of when you say “solar energy”, and they do have their advantages. You can put them up anywhere and power just about anything with them.  However, they are only 17% efficient, meaning that a goodly amount of energy is wasted every hour.  To think of it from the other way, 83% of the sunlight they receive is not used.

But creating a more effective solar panels is proving to be a daunting task.  They have come up with panels that test out with over 20% efficiencies in the lab, but their cost is still prohibitive.

And that is the other downside with solar panels.  Right now solar panels cost about $4-$6 per watt.  That means for a house which needs 3 kW of energy, you would need to spend around $12,000 for the panels alone.  And while they would begin to pay for themselves immediately, it would be nearly ten years before they have fully repaid themeselves.

The one hope for our solar future likely lies in the development of these major solar energy plants that are springing up in sunny areas such as California.  These power plants use the sun’s thermal energy instead of its photovoltaic properties and seem to be operating with higher efficiencies.

In fact, one power plant in Spain recently used a method which allowed it to store heat overnight and produce electricity for 24 hours! So we can see that they hold a lot of potential.

However, it is still not enough.  Consumers are not willing to pay more for electricity as long as there is cheap coal available to produce it.

So between the inefficient solar equipment, and their highs costs and the fact that solar power plants are still somewhat in the experimental stage,  solar energy lags its progress.

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