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The Planning Phase of a Web Design Project

24 Oct 2011 | : Advice, Business

There are six major questions you need to ask yourself during the planning phase of a web design project. All this is against a background where proper website design should always be preceded by careful planning. But you are also likely to be more successful in the planning if you are guided by the relevant questions. We venture, then, to look at six such questions, whose answers can guide your web design planning process. And without any further ado, the six questions you need to ask yourself during the planning phase of a web design project include:

What is the target audience for the website? The answer to this question would tell you several important things. It would, for one, tell you how you should go about generating content for the website, and how you should go about creating layouts and other aesthetic schemes for the website. Simply put by way of example, what would be considered ideal design for a website targeting a youthful audience would probably be different from what would be considered ideal design for a website targeting an older audience. Of course, most websites are designed for the ‘general audience’ with no particular demographic group in mind, in terms of targeted users. Yet when you come to think of it, there are certain groups of people who tend to use certain types of websites more than others. Those should be viewed as the target audiences for such sites. All said and done, having worked out the nature of the target audience for a website, the next step should be to come up with a site that fully accommodates those people.

What is the website’s geographical scope/relevance? In this regard, we may be looking at local, national, regional or international websites. Just like the question on the nature of the target audience, this one too has a bearing on content generation, layouts and aesthetic schemes. If you are creating an international website, for instance, you need to give it an international ‘look and feel’. Later, you may need to deploy technology to detect the countries where visitors are logging from, and then proceed to serve them content relevant to them.

What are the objectives of the website? In this regard, a website whose objective is to pass along certain information is likely to call for a different approach to design than one whose objective is to sell stuff.

How much money do you have for website maintenance? Here, if you have adequate resources for website design, you may be in a position to afford inclusion of ‘bells and whistles’ in it. On the other hand, if you have limited resources, you’d probably have on your shoulders the heavy task of trying to stretch the funds, in order to get the best possible site for that amount of money.

How often is the website’s content expected to change? If you are creating a static website, your needs are likely to be different from those of a person trying to create a dynamic website (one whose content changes every passing minute). The latter, for instance, may be forced to invest in a user-friendly content management system, to ensure that the website’s users have the chance to change the content by themselves as need arises.

What is the potential for the website’s future growth? This will tell you, among other things, what sort of web hosting package to sign up for, whether or not to include dynamic content management systems and so on. An organizational website which is only put in place to let the general public know about the organization and its operations is, for instance, not likely to grow significantly over time. On the other hand, a retail web design Northern Ireland (one where stuff is sold) is likely to grow significantly over time, as more and more products are added – hence the need for scalability.

HDTV Sets:Quality Does Matter

24 Oct 2011 | : Advice

If you are thinking about buying an HDTV for yourself or to give it to a loved one you should be aware that not because a television says HD means that the image will have superb quality. In fact, many times the quality of the picture is influenced by the price of the unit. While not a rule of thumb, a high end model will look a lot better than a cheap HDTV television.

The reasons are many but perhaps the most important one is the quality of the components that are used to manufacture the set. Cheap components most of the time are synonymous to a poor performance especially when it comes to brands of questionable reputation. Some of the top brands do make budget sets and swear that their budget units are built only with high quality components. Always do your research if you decide to buy one of these products. The other thing that is usually missing in budget HDTV sets is a good array of features. Believe it or not a lot of these features actually do help in terms of picture quality. Some filters and movement enhancers do wonders for what otherwise is a sloppy or grainy picture.

Another thing about cheap televisions that can be painful in a sense is their durability. While top brand sets may work for years, others from brands that sell extremely cheap may give a good performance for some time only to start losing picture quality in less than two years. If we take into consideration that the time the product is covered by a warrantee is very short we can easily start to think that buying the product may not be such a good idea after all. Besides, who would really want to be buying a new television every couple years? Aren’t we tired of buying one computer after the other already?

The most important aspect of an HDTV is the quality of the picture and for this reason you should read at least a few reviews before parting with your cash or even worst using a credit card to pay for a product of questionable quality. Stick with the brands that you have known for years and that you know that make good products even if it means paying a little extra or waiting a week or two to find a better deal. If possible, you consider paying for an extended warrantee just in case.

Here is more information about buying HDTVs for cheap: http://www.faqhdtv.com/cheap-hdtv-televisions

Why Aren’t You Drinking Pour Over Coffee

23 Oct 2011 | : Advice

I really can’t get enough of pour over coffee – I know it’s the new, chic thing to be drinking – but that has nothing to do with it.

I enjoy the process a lot, the simplicity, the lack of electricity needed.  I’m really not a Luddite, I swear, I’m writing this on a laptop after all.  And yet there is something about producing high quality cups of coffee one cup at a time, using a burner on my stove, a manual conical burr grinder, and a pour over drip cone that really excites me.

The coffee is great, but without the process of brewing the cup, it would just be a cup of coffee.

The Hario v60 Ceramic Dripper

This is the pour over dripper that I use.  I ordered it online for under $20, I use it several times a day, other members of my family use it too.  It is simple to use, not as fragile as the ‘ceramic’ makes it sound, has a handle for when it’s hot from brewing coffee, and makes a phenomenal cup of joe.

The pour over coffee method has been around for hundreds of years, but it has only gained popularity in the United States in the last year or so; more and more cafes are beginning to offer to make it, which is a great way for new people to try it out, because it is inexpensive to the individual and still offers him or her the opportunity for a single serve cup of coffee made fresh on the spot.

Ease of Use

When my cat and I first started using the pour over method to make our coffee over at project vvlgar we though it would be complicated.  I mean, it had to be, to at least some extent – it wasn’t just plug and play like our drip coffee maker.  So we set up our device, ground our coffee with our Hario Skerton hand grinder, and went about making coffee.

It came out wonderfully.

It is very hard to mess up when making pour over coffee.

This is probably why we love it so much.  Not only does it offer regular folks like us the opportunity to drink fantastic java through an ancient method, it is extremely inexpensive and easy to use.  Even we don’t make a mess when we use our Hario v60 and we always make messses.

The first time you try pour over coffee you’ll ask yourself, why didn’t we start doing this earlier?

Information on and Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

22 Oct 2011 | : Health

Not so many people, even some professional athletes, know about plyometric exercises. The term is common amongst fitness buffs, bodybuilders and outdoor activities sportspersons. Simply put, plyometric exercises are ordinary workouts such as squats and step exercises. However, they are done in a particular intensity and variations to make them target specific muscles in the body. Plyometric exercises are utilized by athletes who wish to increase their vertical jump, sprint faster or get the explosive power they need to gain an edge in the sporting arena. The main reason why plyometric exercises are so popular despite being very demanding is that they are effective.

The benefits of plyometric exercises

– The first benefit of plyometric exercises is that they strengthen the muscles because it involves rapid and intensive movements. When the muscles are strengthened, you will be able to move more quickly and have a stunning agility that gives you an edge in whatever sport you play. These exercises are a combination of speed and strength and that is the muscles can twitch fast and make an athlete jump higher and with little effort. Regular workouts combined with plyometric exercises helps grow the muscles in strength and mass as well.

– Other than muscular strength and speed, another benefit of doing plyometrics exercises is that as you exert stress on the tendons during your workouts, you will make them strong and elastic and this means that you will suffer less injuries when playing particular games. This particularly useful for professional athletes who wish to play so many games without stopping their schedule to nurse and injury.

– An athlete who undertakes plyometric exercises will have a better nervous system. The fast movements involved in the exercises helps quicken muscle contractions and the brain will get signals quickly to move. This will improve performance, make one respond better and faster to different situations and hence increase their level of game play.
When doing plyometric exercises, it is imperative that you give yourself sufficient time to rest. The levels of stress in the muscles will be very high and for this reason, sufficient rest must be allowed for the muscles to recover. The bones and the tendons also need time to recuperate otherwise you risk injuries. Note that the benefits of plyometric exercises are only realized during rest and not during the actual exercising.

When starting out with plyometric exercises, it is advisable that you start with slow less intense exercises and gradually increase the intensity and variations of the exercises. Most beginners in such training often make the mistake of assuming that all exercises are ok, adopting training schedules of professionals without factoring in their physique and capabilities. I would recommend that even before you embark on the intensive plyometric exercises, you should choose a program that best suits your expectations and physical status to act as your guide as you train to increase your speed, strength and robustness.
Plyometric exercises are very effective but only if you know how to do them and what exercises to do. I hope that these few tips point you in the right direction.

Highly Ranked Master Bedroom Furniture For Your Home

22 Oct 2011 | : Indoors

This post lists three pieces that are built with simple yet elegant designs that allow them to blend well with most bedroom settings. Their manufacturers specialize in designing some of the finest pieces for all rooms of the home. These pieces were first recommended to me by my colleague over at http://homehazel.com. They are built with high quality materials and constructed so that they will last for years of enjoyment.

Valencia II Sleigh Bed

The Valencia II Sleigh Bed is built with an exceptional multi-layer finish that shows off the true beauty of the wood. You’ll notice that the headboard is at a lower level compared to many comparable beds. This makes is more compact and allows it to fit in most smaller apartments. The durable, all wood frame won’t bend or sag and the extra thick legs will prevent it from sliding around. The Valencia II Sleigh Bed is included in some of the finest luxury master bedroom furniture sets but can be purchased as a separate piece if desired. The rich mahogany stain adds further appeal and protection from the many dents and scratches that plague other beds on the market.

Julia Bedside Table

The Julia Bedside Table has a thick veneer applied to it to protect it from years of wear and tear. This table is highly versatile as it can be used beside the bed or as a stand alone unit. Smooth lines and clean edges makes this table an impressive addition to any bedroom setting. The neutral colors allows it to match most furniture styles. The tabletop is made of a high quality engineered wood that is notable for its strength. I particularly loved how the curved legs don’t stick out and get in the way like so many other tables on the market.

Tanner Stool

The Tanner Stool is built with a hand finished lacquer applied over the solid wrought iron frame. It is a perfect spot for reading material or to rest during a busy day. Compliment this exceptional stool with the matching table. The Tanner Stool will add a heightened elegance to your bedroom. The smaller size allows it to be moved easily from room to room depending on your unique individual style and tastes.

These pieces are built using high quality craftsmanship and well-thought designs. Their manufacturers are highly trusted in the industry for building pieces that act as investments as they are built to last for generations. Include any of these pieces to your current bedroom collection to enhance its style and comfort.

What Causes Leg Cramps: The Household Guide

22 Oct 2011 | : Advice, Health

The cramping of your muscles is something that can happen for quite a number of different reasons. It may be that you aren’t drinking enough water, or it may be that your body isn’t receiving enough vitamins or minerals on a regular basis. Since these two possibilities are but a speck in the vast range of leg cramp causes that are out there, it can be quite difficult to assess your own situation and come up with a solution. Fortunately, people have done a whole lot of hit-and-miss work over the years and have been able to produce some effective remedies that you can store at your house in the event of any sort of muscle spasm.

Leg Cramp Remedies

Doctors used to prescribe quinine bisulphate to help people free themselves from leg cramps at night or during the day. Unfortunately, this medication came with a whole lot of side effects and has since been outlawed in the United States and other parts of the world for that purpose. Various muscle creams and rubs are also marketed towards people who suffer from cramping at night, as well as to professional athletes, but the results of these products tend to be lackluster and will generally only assist in ridding your muscle of soreness after a cramp.

Stops Leg Cramps is a burgeoning muscle spasm remedy that has recently begun to make it’s way into the hands of university coaches, professional bicyclists and runners, tennis players and quite a few other people. First of all, this remedy uses only organic ingredients so there is no chance of negative side-effects. Secondly, the reaction time of the formula is about one minute, meaning that the relief you receive will be exponentially better than what you would receive from a pill or prescription drug. You can rub the mixture straight on to the muscle that is cramping, or you can drink a few spoonfuls of it for almost instant relief.

Lifestyle Changes You can Take to Prevent Muscle Spasms

Apart from the varying efficiencies of medications or natural remedies, there are also plenty of changes that you can make to your diet and daily routine that may very well get rid of all types of annoying muscle cramping forever. Including potassium and magnesium into your regular diet in higher levels has been accredited towards helping to prevent leg cramps from occurring, while making sure to drink plenty of water also helps to ensure healthy muscle functionality. Lightly stretching your muscles that are prone to cramping before going to sleep is a great way to loosen the tissue and prevent contractions, but you must be careful not to over-extend your limits as this will likely lead to an even more severe episode.

If you regularly indulge in junk food or neglect to provide your body with vitamins, minerals and hydration on a constant basis, this can very likely lead to leg cramps among many other things. Before resorting to expensive prescription drugs, it is always best to try to make any positive changes that you can in your lifestyle and diet to see if you are able to deal with the cramping naturally.

How to Babysit and Make Money

21 Oct 2011 | : Business, Finance

Babysitting isn’t just for 14-year-old girls. Any responsible adult can make money babysitting. If you don’t like kids, you should move on to something else, but if you are great with kids, you can make a nice, profitable business of it, even if it’s just part time. Here are just a few steps to get you started in the right direction.

Prepare Yourself

Before you can make money babysitting, you have to make sure you’re ready and know what you’re doing. If you’re responsible, great. That’s the first step. You also need to:

  • Be able to handle children, both well-behaved and not-so-well-behaved.
  • Know how to take care of every situation including emergencies.
  • Know how to take care of young kids and infants carefully and responsibly.
  • Be able to keep the children busy and help them finish what needs to get done.

These are just a few things you need. As you go, you’ll learn more and gain more experience. You’ll also need to have transportation to get to babysitting jobs and a clear schedule to be able to babysit more. That brings us to our next step.


Once you know how to babysit, you can begin searching for clients. Clear your schedule. If you have 50 hours a week of availability, that doesn’t mean you’ll work for 50 hours a week. Even if you only work 20 hours a week, having a large selection of availability will make parents happier and turn them into repeat customers.

Spread the word among friends and family about your new babysitting endeavor. If you have a lot of friends and family with kids, this will be a lot easier and more effective. If not, you might have a little more work to do. You can also try looking for work online through a website like Care.com. Working with people you know is good because parents should trust you more, but sometimes a service is the only way to get work. Either way, in many cases a few clients is plenty to keep you busy.


It’s a good idea to be set with your prices beforehand. If they ask you how much you charge and you reply, “Hmm, well… I don’t know…”, that’s not going to go over well. Come up with a rates sheet. Charge more for younger children, multiple children, or children with special needs. Give discounts for having more than one child (ie. charge more for the second child, but not as much as the first). You can always change this as you go, but starting with concrete amounts helps prevent confusion.

Building a wooden portable closet

21 Oct 2011 | : Indoors

We are always looking to save our pennies, especially in this day and age and this is very possible. You just have to make a little more effort here and there. For example if you are needing to store your clothes somewhere you will obviously need a closet. Instead of spending hundereds of dollars on something that you may not even like you can build your very own wooden portable closet. You may be saying that you do not have the DIY skills to complete this project, but in fact this is not a difficult task to do at all.

This is an affordable way to achieve your dream closet. You may have fun doing it and you will probably learn something new as well. You will have to start by placing four wooden poles on flanges, which should have some weight to them. Now you have to place PVC pipe fitting to the top of the poles. The front two get two way fittings and the others get three way fittings. Now you have to connect all poles together where the ports are situated. You now have a fully assembled storage wardrobe closet where you can hang your clothes.

You may want to think about another affordable to hang your clothes up. This is the closet system. This is especially less expensive if you don’t have that many clothes. You can actually find something on the market where you can just hang the system on the back of the door and it actually looks really professional with a shoe rack, a place for ties and belts as well as a shelf and hanging space. Many people are finding that closet systems are the perfect way to keep their whole house organized and not just the bedroom. For example if you think about the kitchen you can hang shelving off the wall so you are able to create more space and have everything at hand. Nobody wants to be rumaging around in closets trying to find the right equipment whilst there is hot oil on the stove. Being organized is the key to efficiency and this doesn’t take more than a couple of dollars on a closet system like this. They range in price, according to the size and appearance, but this is up to the individual and you really have to plan on what is actually going in to the organizer beforehand.

Do You Like Chicken Satays With Honey-Ginger?

20 Oct 2011 | : Advice

If you like the sound of the title, you will love the taste of this recipe too. What I’m saying is once you take a bite into this meal, your taste buds will never be the same a again.

It’s like your taking a long vacation and wishing it will never end. This mouth- watering treat makes cooking the fun part.

What Makes This Meal So Fun To Cook?

Well, As you start the cooking process, just imagine the sweet smelling aroma rising in the air, making your neighbors peak over to see what is it  your cooking.

The process is a bit complicated but I will assure you that the end result is worth it’s weight in gold.

What Type Of Techniques you’ll Need For Grilling?

Just a few, attention to detail and use of the proper cooking steps & your well on your way to a masterpiece dinner.

People nowadays put to much into the cooking process only to find out that, as long  as you keep things simple and easy the process works much faster.

Is There Any Special Tools Needed For This Type of Recipe?

Yes, you will need bamboo skewers, and soak them for at least 30 minutes before using. This will allow the bamboo to withstand the exposure of high heat.

How Long I Should Cook  Them for?

This reicpe needs at least 20 mintues for prepration and 4 to 6 minutes for grilling time. So You may be looking at 26 to 30 minutes total.

How many People Can I Serve It To?

It can serve from 4 to 6 guest easy. You may need more than two or three bamboo skewers depending on how many hungry guest you have for dinner.

What Ingredients will I Need For This Recipe?

For The Glaze:

  • 1/4 cup of honey
  • 1/4 cup of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of peeled, grated fresh ginger
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon of hot chili-garlic sauce

For the Items:

  • 2 pounds of chicken breast tenders or boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into 1/2 -inch strips
  • Vegetable oil
  • 1/2  teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges

Use indirect and direct cooking for this recipe, if you need some tips on uses for indirect heating check out Weber Ranch Kettle for details .

Heat the grill around 450 to 550 degrees for setting the grill up for cooking. Get a small saucepan and place it over medium high heat, place the glaze ingredients inside the pan and bring it to a boil.

Turn the heat down low to allow it to simmer for about 3 minutes and set it aside. Thread the pieces of chicken lengthwise onto the skewers and run it though the center of each piece.

Lightly coat the chicken with oil and season them evenly with salt and pepper. Next brush the grates clean with a grill brush to remove other bits of leftover foods cooked previously.

Now it’s time to place the chicken skewers over the direct high heat for about two to three minutes with the lid closed. This will give it some nice grill marks over the chicken. turn the chicken over only once.

Let’s the move the chicken over to the Indirect heat and start brushing the chicken with the glaze on both sides.

You should see a glossy glaze form over the chicken within 2 to 3 minutes of cooking. Turn them over once for an additional minute or two and remove it from the grill to serve with lime wedges.

Visit us at Weber ranch kettle For addtional techiniques on BBQ Shrimp Recipes and easy pork chop recipes

The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

19 Oct 2011 | : Shopping

Diamond engagement rings are a symbol of romance and true love. Whenever you see a lady with a sparkling diamond ring on her ring finger you assume that she will be married soon. This is a very interesting period of her life, because it represents a new beginning in life and a future with new hopes, dreams and possibilities.

For centuries. diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of true love and thus jewelers create an engagement ring according to the customer’s need. You can find variety of styles, prices, and designs in rings. But if you want an elegant and unique touch for your love, then you can go in for the traditional solitaire diamond ring. Among all engagement rings solitaire rings are very popular because of their beauty, clarity and classic appeal.

Solitaire and oval cut diamond engagement rings come in different sizes and shapes. The round cut is the most traditional among all the other cuts such as pear, emerald, oval, heart, square and marquise. You can select the shape and design of the ring according to the taste of your partner and your lifestyle. Always remember that you can choose to make your ring more unique.

In addition to selecting the shape of the ring the most important thing you should consider before buying the ring is the 4 C’s, which includes cut, color, carat and clarity. In considering these four factors that you can easily determine the value of the diamond. It is very important to buy a certified diamond because the ring will be cherished forever.

You can buy your perfect diamond ring solitaire through online jewelry stores easily. Online stores are the best option for the purchase of any type of jewelry especially rings. You can easily check different types of three stone diamond engagement rings and take your time at home and can easily compare the rings and their prices. This will help you find the ring you need in terms of metals like platinum, yellow gold or white gold, design, style and color definition. And prices for online stores are within your budget. They offer profits and benefits for their customers because there are no overhead expenses.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are cheaper compared to other diamond engagement rings because of its simple configuration and only one diamond. But if you select a gem of higher quality, then the price of the ring can be much higher.

Mostly women prefer a solitaire diamond engagement ring as it enhances the beauty of someone who wears the ring. This ring is not only a symbol of love, but also symbolizes the commitment and pledge that you want to share throughout your entire life.

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