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Pine Dressing Table

23 Jul 2010 | : Advice

Why Consider a Pine Dressing Table:

If you are looking at purchasing new furniture such as a pine dressing table, you have come to the right place. It is important that you select the furniture that is right for you as it will not only cost you some hard worked for money but also if the correct wood and furniture is selected, it can make your room nice and cosy. This goes for any type of furniture, not just a pine dressing table. At the end of the day, your furniture should match as well to preserve a nice theme in the room.

Let’s answer a few questions first so we can make a better choice when selecting our furniture. What is pine?

Wood can be classified into two different categories, hardwood and softwood. That does not necessarily mean that pine is soft as a wood. Rather the description is based on the tree’s foliage. Hardwood trees lose their leaves over the winter period whereas softwood trees keep their foliage throughout the whole year. Pine is one of the most common softwoods grown all over the world. It is light in colour and has very prominent grain and much darker knots than the rest of the wood. This makes it not only unique in appearance but also provides a good contrast with other type of colours in your room.

Why not Oak or Hardwood?

A lot of the time people say they favour oak as opposed to pine. Yes, pine is a soft wood as opposed to oak which is a hardwood. However, pine furniture is still very strong and durable and looks very nice. Further, it is a lot less expensive than other hardwoods such as oak, especially if you buy it unfinished, which makes it a very popular choice.

It can be painted, stained or covered in a clear coat of varnish. Pine furniture blends well with other woods, allowing the buyer to mix and match pieces. Pine furniture adds cosiness to a room, and the wood is ideal for rustic or English Country decor as an example. It is also easy to find matching other matching pieces such as a pine dressing table mirror or pine dressing table stool.

Further the colour of the pine furniture keeps bookshelves, armoires, dressers and beds from appearing heavy and stuffy. Unfinished pine furniture can be personalized by painting or stenciling, allowing  great flexibility in a child’s room. The pine dressing tables can be refinished and repainted as the children’s tastes change over the years and as they grow up. This saves you having to purchase new furniture throughout the children’s growing up days.

Getting a Good Price

Pine wood for custom-built solid pine dressing tables and pine dressing table stools furniture can be surprisingly affordable. So if you are looking at building your pine dressing table yourself, this will be a very good way of saving money. You can also purchase pine furniture such as your pine dressing table at many big-box retail stores such as IKEA or as advertised on the various Internet websites. They carry a full range of mass-produced, unfinished pine furniture pieces. The furniture will have to be put together, which can require some patience but isn’t very difficult at all.

How to Determine the Quality of Pine:

The difference of quality of pine dressing table furniture can vary widely. Even though pine is much more pliable than most hardwoods, furniture pieces can last for decades if it is built correctly and well. Knots are expected and can be attractive in a piece of furniture. Do watch out for knots that create a hole in the furniture though. Too many knots will make the piece weak and susceptible to breaking. Further, although pine is a sturdy wood, it can easily be dented and scratched. Pine will also warp when exposed to constant humidity or moisture just like other woods. Well-crafted pine will be smooth and the walls plumb.

Start looking for your pine dressing table now and find  the perfect match for you at an affordable price. For other great Money Ideas you may be interested in the Cleaning Supplies to keep your pine furniture sparkling clean.

Best place to find Female Car Insurance

23 Jul 2010 | : Insurance

Best place to find Female Car Insurance:

If you are female and looking for cheap female car insurance then you have come to the right place. Here on Money Ideas we specialise on helping you to save money on a variety of different subjects, including female car insurance. We also present many different money making ideas that may be of interest to you.

If you are looking for your first insurance policy, then there are definitely some tips and tricks you need to know about that are explained here in this post which of course includes where to get a female car insurance quote from many different companies so that you can compare and find the most suitable insurance company for you.

First of all, let’s clear up a common myth. Do female in general have more accidents, meaning are they more accident prone? The answer to that question is no they are not more accident prone but they do statistically have more accidents. So why do insurance companies differentiate between male and female and offer separate insurance policies?

The truth is that even though female drivers have more accidents, they tend to be a lot cheaper. So overall the cost to the insurance companies are actually comparable to male drivers.

So ultimately whether you opt for a female car insurance company that only insures females or both male and female it does not really make that much difference in the prices.

A far better way of finding car female insurance that is cheap and affordable is to look for female car insurance online instant quotes.

The best way of getting these quotes fast and hassle free is by looking for adverts on the net. They are everywhere, even at the top and bottom of this page. By clicking on a bunch of them, you are actually getting to the websites of some of the best companies. Why are they better? Because they spend a fair amount of money on advertising and so already prove to a certain degree that they are established and good producing companies. Otherwise they would not have the budget to do this.

Further, many of these advertised sites actually do quote comparisons for you. This means instead of you having to search for 50 different quotes yourself, they actually do it for you. All you have to do is enter your details such as name, address, car model and number plate and of course the type of car insurance you are looking for, such as 3rd party, fully comp etc.

If you are female, it is of course a very good idea to also look on female car insurance website as well. Just gives you a wider choice.

Once you have found at least 3 -5 cheap female car insurance quote, note down the company phone number so you can contact them. You want to make sure that the company is friendly and helpful and the best way of doing this is by speaking to an agent on the phone. This will give you a good idea of how the company will be treating you should you ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

Finally, you can play the different insurance companies that you got the quotes from against each other to lower the price further. This should give you the best female car insurance out there for you.

Mobile Contracts

16 Jul 2010 | : Advice, Finance

Mobile Contracts:

Everyone has mobile contracts. And with the seemingly endless stream of new improved mobile handsets coming out, there seem no end to your mobile contracts.

Why is it that mobile phone companies are so keen on getting people to take out mobile contracts rather than just a pay as you go sim card and phone. Surely they would make more money by having you stay on a pay as you go tariff and buy a handset which on average costs around £300.00 these days for a decent one. Often much much more.

The fact is, mobile phone companies want you to take out mobile contracts as it is a more long term passive income for them. In fact it generates what is known as positive cash flow. This means rather than getting a lump sum of money for a sale of a phone, which is nice but also comes with drawbacks. Think about it. What would you prefer? Get a lump sum of money once and have  a lot of it taken away by taxes or have a nice steady monthly income that is guaranteed, passive and covers your running costs during lean months?

Well on a company’s balance sheet, I can assure you the positive monthly cash flow is a lot more beneficial than a big lump sum sitting there doing nothing. Even if it did accumulate interest, it would probably not be enough to keep up with the current rate of inflation. Anyway, the point here is that any company, especially mobile phone companies want a positive cash flow.

Making Money

So how can we utilise this datum for our benefit and actually make some profit or get more from our mobile contracts than what we are getting right now? The fact is, if you had a mobile phone for a few years, you will know that on an 18 month contract you can upgrade your phone, meaning getting a brand new one while keeping the old one for free. But not only that and here is the first of my money making ideas:

Tip 1

When you call the mobile phone company that you have your mobile contracts with or they call you, tell them that you do want to renew the contract or upgrade it but that you were looking at a different mobile phone provider as it is cheaper. This can be any mobile phone provider such as T-Mobile or Orange etc. They will be quick to reassure you that theirs is in fact the best contract and they will offer you the latest phone AND a discount on your contract. If you have been paying around £30.00 a month, which is average, then you should at least get a £15.00 discount, often £20.00. Further, you could also throw in that you need 100 more minutes but you don’t really have the money for this which is why you are looking for a different contract. Now get this, it will not cost the mobile phone provider ANY money whatsoever to give you these extra minutes or another bundle such as unlimited texts. Why? Because they already own the network and whole infrastructure so it makes absolutely not difference whatsoever to them and they will happily give you the 100 minutes.

Tip 2

If you take relatively good care of your mobile phone for the first 15 months of your 18 month contract and you upgrade your contract as explained in Tip 1 above, then you can take the latest handset or rather the most expensive handset your provider offers. You can simply go on Ebay and see what the most expensive phone currently is. Or Amazon, it doesn’t really matter. So you get your phone but instead of using it, you simply sell it on Ebay or Amazon or similar website. You can easily make £300 profit on the phone as long as you chose a new model that just came out. I have done this recently with 5 phones and made £1500.00 myself.

Let’s Talk Money

So let’s talk money and see what the end result of this would be as after all here on Money Ideas we are interested in money making ideas and saving money and with mobile contracts you can actually do both.

In Tip 1, you reduced your 18 month contract cost by at least £15.00. So over £15.00 over 18 months is a total of £270.00 you saved right there. However, you are also getting the 100 minutes for free. If you used to pay for these minutes because you went over your monthly allocation, then in general you would be charged £0.20 a minute. So per month, this would be another £20.00. £20.00 over 18 months is a massive £360.00!! This is why the mobile phone companies love you by the way!

Total Money Made

So let’s add everything up here:

£270.00 saved on line rental
£360.00 saved on overspend minutes
£300.00 for the mobile phone sold
£930.00 Total money saved over 18 months

Now bear in mind that not only did you save this money but you still have your phone from the initial 15 months contract and all the minutes and texts from your contract. At least 300 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet. That should be standard these days.

So this is how you will be laughing all the way to the bank. If you do the above for 5 different contracts in your family or your household, you save almost £5000.00 every 15 months!

Online Van Insurance Quote

15 Jul 2010 | : Advice, Insurance

Online Van Insurance Quote

If you are looking for advice on online van insurance quotes, you have come to the right place.

Here at Money Ideas we are proud to provide free and impartial top advice based on experience on pretty much any subject somewhat related to money making ideas or saving money – loosely speaking. This ranges from insurance, such as commercial insurance or temporary car insurance to cleaning supplies or dusting a room. Which incidentally can save you quite a bit of money in the short and long run.

Anyway, when it comes to online van insurance quotes what you want to do is obviously find the best insurance for you. But what does that actually mean, the best insurance?

Well it comes down to you really. What are you looking for? Just a cheap no frills cover for your vans or cheap cover yet effective and helpful customer service that genuinely informs you of all the options and most importantly go through the exact details of the small print to ensure you actually fully understand what is and what isn’t covered in your van insurance.

I can’t stress this enough and this is really the reason why I would classify this article under money ideas. The worst thing you can do is get some online van insurance quote, think it’s pretty cheap and will do.  You take it out at let’s say £200.00 a month. You think that it will cover any driver. Yet you did not actually check this nor was it very clear in the actual policy. I mean who bothers reading the small print right?

Well wrong. In fact, let’s say you have a foreign driver that is driving your van. He gets into an accident with another vehicle. Let’s say a good middle class car, such as an Audi. The door is damaged and it will cost about £3000 to replace. No problem – that’s why you took out the insurance right?  Well there is a problem, a very big problem. The insurance does not cover a driver with a foreign licence. So now not only did you waste your £200 a month (for how many years?) but on top of that you are now liable to pay the £3000 not mentioning the damage on your van! So the total cost could well exceed £5000! Simply for missing the small print or not fully clarifying the insurance policy. That hurts.

This is actually a real live example that happened to one of my work colleagues. Worse, the driver actually also got in trouble with the police for driving without a valid insurance….enough said, you get the point.

So the moral of the story is, get as many online van insurance quotes as possible, minimum of 3 but 5 or 10 is better, and spend some time researching the company to see if they are genuine, have proper sales rep that are interested in providing you with a long term service rather than a quick sign up and do absolutely go through the small print with them to ensure you fully understand what it covers.  You will obviously need to also decide what you want the insurance policy to cover compared to the relative cost of the insurance.

The easiest and fastest way of obtaining online van insurance quotes is through the paid links right here on Money Ideas or doing a search in Google for online van insurance quote. This will give a pretty good return. Bear in mind though that the insurance companies that advertise on Google tend to be well run, established and trusted businesses. Must be, otherwise how could they afford to advertise on Google? Also Google has to ensure to a degree that companies that advertise with them are legitimate, otherwise it hurts Google in the long run.

Cleaning Supplies

12 Jul 2010 | : Advice

Cleaning Supplies

How do cleaning supplies fit into Money Ideas? In fact, why would cleaning supplies even be considered under Money Making Ideas?

Well the truth of the matter is that a lot of people actually don’t know how to clean properly and worse use the wrong type of cleaning supplies, whether that be household cleaning supplies or industrial cleaning supplies, that actually cause damage to the object or surface they are cleaning.

To give a simple example. How does one dust a room? That’s a silly question isn’t it? Well I can assure you, if you asked some of your friends or work colleagues, you would be highly surprised at the different answers you get. The fact is, for best results of dusting a room, you use a soft cotton cloth. You wipe the surface or item and collect the dust in the duster. You then frequently take the duster outside, away from any open windows so that the dust does not come back in and shake all the dust out. This is very important. The dust can contain grainy dirt. If you wipe another surface with your dirty duster and it is a soft surface, you will actually scratch that surface forever! That can become very costly to your furniture. I see some people frantically spraying all sorts of different cleaning supplies and chemicals onto their furniture! No way, promise me, never, never to do that.

What about window cleaning? There must be a million different types of window cleaning supplies. Again, the key here is not to use the most powerful chemical you can find. In fact, the best way to clean a window is to use water and newspaper. Yes, you heard me, water and newspaper and maybe a very small amount of window cleaning substance or soap. If you regularly clean your windows, by this we mean approximately every 3 -6 months, water and newspaper will be more than sufficient.

You simply crunch up some newspaper, dip it in the water and swap the window. You then take some dry newspaper and clean the window with it. Very simple, yet effective. Do ensure you are careful with the window frames as the ink of the newspaper tends to be different these days and can be runny. So you just ensure you are careful around the edges of the frame and not touch them. You keep cleaning the window with the newspaper until the glass is dry. And you will be amazed at how clean it is. If there is some spots remaining, simply swab some more water on there and rub it with the dry newspaper. No need for a squeeze or anything else that leaves horrible streaks on your glass. This by the way also works great for mirrors.

So there you go, another two great tips on how to save money by not wasting it on needless cleaning supplies and having to replace furniture due to damage from cleaning.

If you liked this article you may be interested in Pine Dressing Table, an article that describes why pine is a good choice for furniture and what to look for when buying it.

MLM Leads

09 Jul 2010 | : Finance

MLM Leads

First of all, what are MLM Leads? MLM stands for Multi-level Marketing. And a lead is simply that – a lead. So how do MLM Leads fit into making money on Money Ideas?

Multi-level marketing (also called network marketing) is a business model which utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. Typically, individuals become associated with a parent company in an independent contractor relationship. Sellers are compensated based on their sales of a product or service, as well as the sales of those they bring into the business. The parent company often provide a huge amount of literature and promotion materials that can be used by the seller to help them get the sales and sometimes give directions where the seller can obtain mlm leads.

I guess you have already figured out that businesses who do not use the words “multi-level marketing” or “network marketing” use other terms such as “affiliate marketing,” “home-based business franchising,” etc.

Affiliate marketing is of course a term we are much most familiar with. However, what is unique to the mlm industry is the fact that you can build your business using any recruiting model you want, use any type of lead generation known to man and even go back to the cave man days of face to face recruiting.  But who’d want to do that when you have the internet, right?

A big plus point is that you can purchase specific mlm leads like that will make selling your products a lot easier. MLM leads come in a variety of forms. The simplest is from online surveys or customer feedback to determine if a costumer would be interested in other similarly related products. Often these also get done over the phone and it is perhaps this mlm lead that is the most valuable. Why? Because a person actually spoke to the potential costumer already who has expressed an interest in a certain product or category of products. A business can accumulated 1000s of these leads and then sell them on to other business or their affiliates who in turn contact these leads again and try to sell them the respective products. This can of course be anything from ebooks to commercial insurance to vacations.

Some of these products are worth a lot of money. For example, take a summer vacation for 2. This easily amounts to £1500. The 1000 mlm leads may only have cost £150. This means you have 1000 leads or potential customers that have already expressed some interest in the product you are contacting them about. What is the chance of you selling at least 1 or 2 of these holidays? Probably very high. So you invested £150 and even if you only sell to 0.2%, you still make £2850 profit! Not bad. Of course it does take a certain amount of skills to do this and Money Ideas strongly suggests you do a fair amount of research and training in MLM Lead marketing before you spend any significant money on this. There is no point in investing into this sort of business only to realise 2 months down the line that it requires a lot more work and isn’t for you. On the other hand, it works for a lot of people and generates an acceptable amount of passive income for them so it may well be one of the right money making ideas for them.

Commercial Insurance

08 Jul 2010 | : Insurance

Commercial Insurance

When it comes to commercial insurance you definitely want to make sure you have the right type of insurance. Money Ideas is here to provide you with free information that hopefully is not only useful but allows you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing from different commercial insurance companies.

First of all, let’s define what we mean by commercial insurance. A commercial insurance is basically insurance for a business. The fact is it is one of the most important investments a business owner can make to ensure the future success of his company against unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. Depending on the commercial insurance company, commercial insurance can provide valuable protection against theft, property damage and liability. Further it covers such things as employer liability and business interruption.

Any business owner that decides against commercial insurance effectively puts his whole business at risk. Often this includes his own personal money and property he invested into the business as well as other investors’ money, not to mention risking all the jobs of his employees let alone his own.

The good thing is, finding commercial insurance can be as simple as locating a reliable agent who specializes in commercial insurance or looking on the Internet and filing in online application forms for commercial insurance quotes. Once you find a cheap commercial insurance quote, it is best to schedule an interview with an agent. Make sure it is a licensed, knowledgeable agent with whom you feel comfortable. The agent you choose should be able to discuss different types of commercial insurance with you and assist you in selecting the best type for your particular needs.

Depending on your particular business, there may be some types of commercial insurance you don’t need. For example, you may need commercial fleet insurance, but not temporary car insurance. Keep in mind, however, that it is wise to learn about the different types of commercial insurance, even if you don’t need them all. As your business grows and expands, you may discover that your insurance amendments. Having as much preliminary information now will provide you and your agent with the basic information you need to decide whether or not to add to or change your policy later.

However, you go about getting your commercial insurance, please make sure you follow the money ideas super tip of at least getting 3 quotes and playing them against each other. This will ensure you do not waste your hard earned or obtained cash. After all you are in the business to make money not to make other people rich!

Money Making Ideas

05 Jul 2010 | : Finance

Money Making Ideas

Anyone using the Internet will at some point ask himself if there is a way of making money. Of course there are a lot of different money making ideas out there on the Internet. Money Ideas can be as simple as selling something on Ebay or Amazon such as unwanted items from ones home or as complicated as Internet marketing or selling female insurance.

The fact is, there are 1000s of money making ideas online that can be explored. That is not to say that they all work or make you a millionaire overnight. Far from it. In fact, there isn’t such a thing as a quick money making scheme or become a millionaire overnight. How can there be? Everyone would do it. So therefore realise that there are just as many money making scams as there are legitimate ways of making money online.

I found that the valid money ideas tend to require a certain amount of time a day. Anything from 20 minutes to several hours. Often more time will have to be spent at the beginning to get the ball rolling but in the long run a nice steady passive income can be built up. What do we mean by passive income? Passive income is money flowing into your bank account every month without having to do anything. Well not quite anything but almost nothing. This could be dividends from shares or investments for example.

However, there are other ways. For example, having a website like this allows you to participate in Internet marketing for example. This is actually much easier than it sounds like and there are millions of people doing it, most of them not computer literate at all.

Most importantly, whatever activity you may engage in, it is important that you fully inform yourself first of what it entails, how much it initially costs, how many hours you have to put into it and what the expected return is. Go with a proven method that demonstrates to you how it was done and that it can easily be done again and again. You don’t want a once only solution – these are normally scams. You want something that you can build up at your own pace and will steadily increase your income with minimal maintenance.

Female Insurance

03 Jul 2010 | : Insurance

Save Money with Female Insurance

As with any type of insurance, it is best to look around and apply our top money ideas tip to find the best female insurance.

We strongly believe that the best way of getting female insurance is to request at least 3 instant online quotes so that you get a good idea of the price range that applies to you. Further, you can then select the company that appeals the most to you and seems most suitable in accommodating your needs.

Once you decided on a suitable insurance company, you simply find their contact details and contact them for more information. Good insurance companies will allow you to do this in a number of ways such as through a free phone number, via e-mail or through an online request for more information form that you fill in right on the website.

I have often found the company that responds first or reasonably fast and took the care to answer your queries and questions satisfactory are the best companies. This is because they show they really care and are interested in you as a customer and person to ensure you do get the correct service and the best deal that they can offer. This can be a small, medium or large company it doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is the continuance of their good customer service after they signed you up as a customer and continue providing the support you need. This will most likely be when you are most vunerable after an accident or injury. And so it is very important you can trust your insurance company and they assist you with getting back on your feet as fast as possible with the least amount of hassle.  By the way, this applies to any type of insurance company, whether that be a commercial insurance or caravan insurance.

Once again, I want to stress the fact that you need to get at least 3 insurance quotes for comparison, whether that be online, by phone or in person. Find out how to get the best Female Car Insurance here.

Money Ideas

01 Jul 2010 | : Advice

Money Ideas

I put the Money Ideas site together in an honest effort to inform you of different legal ways of money making ideas that lead to money or saving money. Traditionally a lot of these make money ideas will be online. I don’t think there isn’t anyone out there who uses a computer and the Internet that has not thought about the prospect of making money online while they are sleeping, eating or on holiday.

What we are mainly concerned with in this case is passive income. This means you are making money without doing anything or rather while you are doing whatever you want. Why is this important? You may have a job that you like and are good at and if you are lucky, getting paid for handsomely. Or you are self employed and already choose your own schedule and determine your own income. So why would you be interested in other making money ideas?

Well, whatever your situation may be, there are ways that you can improve your income and your future by ensuring that you are continuing to make money or by saving money. And I don’t think that there are any of us who are reading this Money Ideas website that could not use the extra cash, even if it is only a couple of £100s a week or month.

You have come to this website to get information on money making ideas and presumably to make money by the bucket load or how to save your hard earned cash so you don’t have to keep working for it that hard.

I will make every effort to give my honest reviews and opinions on money ideas as well as tips that you can apply to the rest of your financial life. This includes anything from commercial insurance to the best ways of making money online through online marketing. Take some time to browse through this site and use whatever information you find useful.

To give you but a snipped of what you can expect, here is my top tip of the day:

“Whatever your job is, whatever your level of income, always always have 3 income sources”.

This is rather self-explanatory yet you will be surprised how many people do not follow this rule and try to just survive on 1 income source. A little goes a long way. So even if the other two income sources only make you a combined total of a couple of hundred pounds a month, that’s still £2,400.00 a year additional income. That’s the difference between having a good summer holiday or not. So I sincerely hope you find some useful money ideas here and use them to build yourself some passive online income or save some money each year that can be used for more enjoyable activities!