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Caravan Insurance

29 Jun 2010 | : Insurance

Caravan Insurance

There are typically two types of caravan, the touring caravan and the static caravan.

In regards to caravan insurance, these are considerably different in risk and hence require different caravan insurance policies to cover these.

A static caravan is generally a semi-permanent pitch on a caravan site, typically serviced with water, sewer and electricity in contrast to a touring caravan that is towed behind a vehicle and allows a traveller to travel much further through the use of camping and caravan sites.

The touring caravan is subject to the risks of the road including collisions with vehicles and accidents caused by side winds or incorrect loading. A static caravan however is exposed to risks from nature including flooding of the site and falling trees.

As with any type of insurance it is best to look around and find cheap online quotes for free. These can then be compared not only for price but also for suitability and comprehensiveness of cover.

There are many different caravan insurance website out there and the best way of finding them is by doing a simply search in google. As caravans are often used during peak holiday seasons, it may pay off to look for a quote out of season, for example in winter. Often insurance companies will have different rates for different periods.

Another good money saving tip is to only insure the caravan for the time period it will actually be on the road. For example, if you are only using the caravan once a year during the summer holidays, only take out temporary car insurance for that time period.

You may also be able to take out a multi car insurance that will cover both your day to day car and your caravan at the same time. It’s always best to check with your existing car insurance, especially if you already have several years worth of no claims bonuses.

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Temporary Car Insurance

29 Jun 2010 | : Insurance

How to Get the Best Temporary Car Insurance?

As we all know, there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of car insurance one can buy. One such type of insurance is a temporary car insurance. Why would one want to have temporary car insurance?

Let’s say you want to borrow your neighbour’s caravan for a 3 week holiday in the summer. Naturally, this would not be covered under your normal car insurance or it would seriously increase your insurance premium over several months or you would have to increase your insurance to a caravan insurance.

Other countries, such as Switzerland, will allow a friend to drive your car without any amendment to your car insurance policy. They will also allow you to have the same number plate for several cars, multi car insurance, as long as only one car is on the road at any one time.  This will allow you to have a supercar in the garage during the week and on the race track during the weekend.  This is not the case in the United Kingdom for example.

So how do we solve this? You guessed it, we would simply take out a temporary car insurance for the required period of time. With a bit of research this can work out very cheap and will benefit you in the long run, especially as a recurring customer as insurance companies offer all sorts of different reasons and bonuses for you to come back to them or to become a first time customer.

This is a topic I will be researching on this blog and I welcome any pointers, suggestions and comments that will help me go in the right direction to find in this case the best temporary car insurance. There will be different threads and posting on different type of insurances with the aim of providing comprehensive information, for free, on any type of insurance one can think of to anyone who may be interested in it. You can also find great Money Ideas by looking through these pages.

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