Beating The Odds

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As many of my reader know, I have been engaged in a little project in regards to RNG, Random Number Generators, over the past few years. If you don’t know what RNGs are used for, then simply put they are used everywhere in computing today whether that might be in password generators, screen savers or in online casinos.

In fact, specifically online casinos make full use of them and that is one area I have been looking into a lot. The best way to understand it is if you play on a roulette table. You will quickly see that there is simply no way of determining the next spin, regardless of what pattern or progression you seem to see or employ. I am not going to go into the details here, as a much higher authority on the subject than myself has already done so, in fact you can read all about it here on his website and forums at It is extremely interesting to see what he has to say about roulette, about beating the odds and how random number generators work.

Whereas this blog by no means advocates or encourages gambling, there are nevertheless many people who do make a living as a professional gambler. In my opinion it really comes down to doing the full re-search, practicing and having a strategy that increases your odds of winning. This means you not only have fun playing the game but should also win more than you loose. It isn’t for the fainthearted though and does require nerves of steel even with a winning strategy.

In conclusion to my research project on RNGs, I will say that it is simply not possible to predict the next number let alone on a consistent basis. Whereas there are positive strategies for example in roulette to ensure one goes home from the casino with more money than he went in with, there is always an element of luck associated with it. The only way I have found where you can predict to a degree the next outcome of a spin on a roulette table is if it is a real life roulette table, which comes down to imperfections of the wheel, equipment, ball, dealer and other human errors.

Again if you are interested in beating the odds in roulette and learning how you can find a biased wheel, then I suggest to head over to Genuine Winner and do your research there. But to re-iterate, it simply isn’t possible to beat an RNG roulette game or slot machine which is essentially the same thing.



Money Ideas

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Money Ideas

I put the Money Ideas site together in an honest effort to inform you of different legal ways of money making ideas that lead to money or saving money. Traditionally a lot of these make money ideas will be online. I don’t think there isn’t anyone out there who uses a computer and the Internet that has not thought about the prospect of making money online while they are sleeping, eating or on holiday.

What we are mainly concerned with in this case is passive income. This means you are making money without doing anything or rather while you are doing whatever you want. Why is this important? You may have a job that you like and are good at and if you are lucky, getting paid for handsomely. Or you are self employed and already choose your own schedule and determine your own income. So why would you be interested in other making money ideas?

Well, whatever your situation may be, there are ways that you can improve your income and your future by ensuring that you are continuing to make money or by saving money. And I don’t think that there are any of us who are reading this Money Ideas website that could not use the extra cash, even if it is only a couple of £100s a week or month.

You have come to this website to get information on money making ideas and presumably to make money by the bucket load or how to save your hard earned cash so you don’t have to keep working for it that hard.

I will make every effort to give my honest reviews and opinions on money ideas as well as tips that you can apply to the rest of your financial life. This includes anything from commercial insurance to the best ways of making money online through online marketing. Take some time to browse through this site and use whatever information you find useful.

To give you but a snipped of what you can expect, here is my top tip of the day:

“Whatever your job is, whatever your level of income, always always have 3 income sources”.

This is rather self-explanatory yet you will be surprised how many people do not follow this rule and try to just survive on 1 income source. A little goes a long way. So even if the other two income sources only make you a combined total of a couple of hundred pounds a month, that’s still £2,400.00 a year additional income. That’s the difference between having a good summer holiday or not. So I sincerely hope you find some useful money ideas here and use them to build yourself some passive online income or save some money each year that can be used for more enjoyable activities!


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